The McCanns revisited

This is long but the lady has clearly thought it right through and I like the perspective of a young mother – it really cuts through much of the ordure. She keeps repeating key points but why not? Maybe one for spare time? Two parts to it:

This one I find a bit more iffy in the approach, sure in her ‘profiler’ role, yet much rings true again. I do have a theory now but later, in comments.

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  1. James Strong
    September 21, 2019 at 07:48

    The McCanns left 3 children unattended when they went out for dinner.

    They should not have done this.

    There was probably alcohol at dinner.

    The McCanns have been given an easy ride by the press and public. This is probably because they are articulate, telegenic professionals.

    If they had been fat, tattooed chavs their treatment by the press would probably have been very different. I suggest they would not have been reported to have been at a tapas bar, they would have been reported as drinking at a bar while neglecting their children.

    Whether Madeline is dead or enslaved somewhere her life was ruined. The other two children: what psychological damage will they suffer when they think about what their parents did?

    If the UK has laws about child neglect the McCanns should have been prosecuted.

    If convicted they should have been imprisoned.

  2. September 21, 2019 at 08:20


    I’ve just finished the three youtubes and am comparing to two cases where I did look closely. The one I know most about was the Kercher case, the second the Joanne Lees case.

    Two things come out of it all for me:

    1. You really must have the transcripts, not just the court transcripts but those not admitted to court. In the Kercher case, I do, having read what both sides presented. In the Lees case, I have only one side’s but they’re still police transcripts.

    In the McCann case, I’ve not done the groundwork. You really must see that room layout, read all the accounts. I never did and so can’t give a personal view.

    2. At around 19 minutes in the second part of the first lady’s two-parter, there’s a most significant moment where she can’t accept that either or both parents can be Podesta types.

    That’s understandable, nor can many readers here but I’ve seen much of the mind control data, especially the intergenerational trauma upbringing – quite lost, fiendish stuff, child never has a chance – and I’m not referring to Maddy here but to the parents.

    As normally brought up humans, I agree with Steph above that no, they could not do that. But as an intergenerational “lost one”, oh dear, I’ve seen transcripts, especially from Belgium and they were horrific, they very much involved sacrificing.

    There was talk of Podesta being there at the resort – well, how could I know? Leaving that aside and only looking at the character of Podesta, DR has that covered well in the Pizzagate series. These minds are desperately sick in our terms. I’m noangel myself but I’m certainly not that.

    And they CAN. This is where Steph shuts down her investigation – she is a decent person inside. These Podestas and I mean that as a type – they are not. They have crossed that line into the bestial and I must use the word evil or rather … lost.

    Burroughs wrote “lost boys” and it’s a better term.

    We can’t be sure with the McCanns but please don’t dismiss that. If they have had that upbringing, they very much CAN. We see so many girls today totally lost, it’s far less unbelievable than 7 years ago.

  3. Distant Relative
    September 21, 2019 at 09:00

    There’s a small photo of Madeleine in the top right corner at that link – I don’t have the skills to enlarge it. Shows her in make-up which is not how a 3 yr old would apply it so she must’ve had help. Not conclusive by any means but add that to the mix and it increases doubt about what was going on in that group. Also the Gaspars’ testimony.

    • September 21, 2019 at 11:35

      It does sound increasingly sickening and I so want to be wrong about it.

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