Those in the greatest danger are those convinced they’re not

I’ve lived in some rough countries. 90% of personal safety is about not being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and knowing which places and times those are. The 10% is basic stuff like not walking around with valuables and being aware of what’s happening around you. Huge muscles and Kung fu are not much help if two guys on a motorbike stick a gun in your face. The only place I’ve been where these measures don’t work is Addis Ababa. The whole city is the wrong place and there’s no right time. [Nikolai Vladivostok]

The title is a broad one and I very much include myself in it. Let’s get myself done first and out of the way.

My attitude to the boat design and building is the same as that of two head coaches I saw interviewed, both said the same thing – that what was constantly on their minds was whether they’d missed something. Was there some change to the situation they had not foreseen, was there some danger that others did not know of but they’d once seen that strategy pulled – experience is not everything, especially if not a particularly wise person, but experience of various situations can certainly help.

Plus age. But more than age – being of a generation which saw things differently, which was not taken in by the PC Narrative into believing things, not having a self-image in others words, which simply does not accord with reality.

Plus prayer – don’t discount its efficacy.

Let’s deal with boys now and the best known comment on boys is perhaps Mark Twain as a boy:

When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.

Yep, know-all boys – I’m admittin’ nuffink.  Boys have always been that way, these days perhaps they’re becoming less sure with all this pussification going on but yes, ego is not unknown to us, out of all proportion to ability.

The greatest danger today is the ‘new girl’, especially the Millennial girl and the reason is that her self-view has been deliberately skewed by outside forces, e.g. peers and schooling, let alone entertainment. This is from an energy advert:

You get the idea from the superimposed words and from her determined grin of ‘freedom’, that look which says I can do anything anyone else can, I will explore new places and nothing whatever can happen to me, no one’s going to stop me.

She might just like to check that notion with two Norwegian girls’ ghosts in Morocco, or with Lara Logan, or with the two Austrian girls who went to Iraq, or with the two clowns now there in prison because they decided to show that it wasn’t nearly as bad as portrayed.

[Cough] It was.

You can’t deal with such people because there is so much riding on their newfound ‘independence’. But as I replied to a lady I know on Twitter:

Now let’s profile the adventurous girl in that advert [there was footage] – fair-haired, about 5’9″, sportsgirl, fit body, strong for a woman, as strong as Christie O below in the youtube.  Put her on a physical course and she’d do better than some men, worse than most.

But the brainwashing today tells her [the one in the ad] she can do anything at all and this is precisely what Christie O speaks about below, the constant pressure on young women.

Also note the Amelia Earhart image below of the bold adventuress.

An energy company is pushing this, they’re all at it.

Is a girl ever going to restrict her own sense of adventure in the interests of staying at least alive, does she not see example after example after example and learn that it is not safe for her?

Nope, she does not learn, it’s a deep-seated psychological need not to see.

But certain things give the reality away.

This one below is in a subway, we ran it the other day, there are plenty more I’ve not posted and shall not post because they’re far more gruesome and I blocked them. The girl here is seconds from her doom:

It is NOT a one-off, when will young women wake up that even if they have gym bodies and some form of martial arts, they can take on one assailant, they can take on maybe two … but not four, and not if those assailants are rabid:

Note the city.

It’s not about physical strength, as Nikolai wrote, it’s about having an attitude like those two head coaches – never assume it’s safe just because there are people about on the second last phase and it seems safe – there’s a final phase straight after that.

It’s about sudden assault out of nowhere, it’s about the rise of the one punch as a tactic, it’s about the girl-oblivious who thinks she can handle anything. Charm ain’t gonna do nuffink.

Have a quick look at this one:

Have a look at the fit young woman shown there.  Now have a look at Christie O – tall, fair-haired, semi-military, can do the men’s standard … just.  But listen to what she says and why it is so – it is highly politicised:

Now, can we start to get an inkling of what I’m on about? Is it putting such adventurous women down as humans? No, not if they wake up to the reality of what’s happening out there, to what utter animals these thugs are..

It is NOT her overall abilities in question, it is those thugs.

Now please look again at that quote at the top of the post.

90% of personal safety is about not being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I cannot emphasise this enough. I learnt this the hard way in Russia and Sicily.

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    September 15, 2019 at 14:27

    Never walk lonely streets alone. The two worst ‘streets’ in this town for robbery/assault are each less than 50 yards long and link two main thoroughfares.

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