Advertising and blog surfing

Both online and in general. Consider:

The worst and most annoying I know of online are Grammarly and Aldi. I just advertised them.

The first infests almost every single youtube I try to watch, or so it seems, while the Aldi one needs explaining.

The Express used to be accessible and the political content reasonably much ours. The editorship changed and so did the appalling advertising and interruption.

For a start, one is hit by full screen congrats, I’ve been chosen to participate. Now the trick is of course to backclick or refresh but in their case, it won’t go away – at least there was an X one should never ever click on.

Only way is to exit the Express and reload but sometimes the Aldi is there again, sometimes the next barrier, which ‘takes you to their sponsors’. [Insert term of deep disdain] off with that!

By that stage, I’ve lost all interest. Buy at Aldi? Never in a million years! Buy Grammarly? NIAMY!

Another truly rotten one is Blogger. If I’m forced to have to click on ‘all the walkways’ or ‘all the buses’ one more time, I’ll kill that site! Actually I won’t and have zero intention of, it’s just an expression – that’s for the Watchers looking for any excuse.

It’s not straightforward online as you know – this site takes a long time to get into for one at peak times.

All these things are deeply annoying – I wonder if Blogger bloggers such as AK Haart (random example from yesterday) know what their site system is doing to readers? Wonderful chap, wonderful blog, but by the seventh bus I have to click on in order to be allowed to even put a comment, before the long sign in process to Google – well it reduces the available time visiting other blogs.

You might say – why not just use pop-up and ad blockers? Ah, but that’s the Catch 22. I need, as a political blogger, to know who is doing what to us and boycott accordingly.

I don’t mind being boycotted here because of my politics or my writing style – fine with that – I just don’t want people leaving because of bloody Word Press or slow loading or anything tech like that.

Let us not even start on Disqus!

3 comments for “Advertising and blog surfing

  1. Doonhamer
    October 9, 2019 at 08:05

    X-Men speaks truth.
    But does anyone ever consider the off putting nature of some ads.
    It is like having the product name on the back of a inconsiderately driven van. The product will for ever be associated with a bad experience.
    Similarly just the sight of Jammy Oliver, or Ant n Deck will make me positive!y not buy what they are pushing.
    Just in the interest of impartiality, my list of off-putters is long, not confined to the above, and covers all diversity. In fact, contrived diversity is off putting in itself.

    • October 9, 2019 at 08:41

      Precisely. Coincidentally, see the 08:30 post.

  2. Ripper
    October 9, 2019 at 18:21

    I have no problem with your blog and its a daily reader for me. I see no ads, though I know how many are on here and who they are, and whether they are tracking me or not. I’m running Privacy Badger on Firefox, which blocks any attempts at tracking, then the ads are taken out by Ublock Origin. Both these pieces of software are open source, Privacy Badger being from the EFF.

    Right now PB is showing 2 potential trackers: – yellow, cookies blocked – red, totally blocked (this comes up on most web sites)

    UbO is showing clean (tracking cookies etc. taken out by PB). Requests blocked 0%, domains connected 4 of 4.

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