Forewarned is forearmed

There’s a type of person who is insufferable – a nag, a fretter and an ‘I told you so’. Exacerbating this is smugness and patronising, even overconfidence in the nagger. Yes, I mention this for a reason.

The reason is that that person trying to save another, sometimes for very good reason too, then gets the backlash. If a person cares, she [or he], will willingly suffer the backlash.

The only people who can be saved from harm are those who’ve actually woken up themselves to the pressing need.

Under the category of ‘famous last words’ are these expressions:

# I’ve gone all these years and nothing has happened;

# I’m in company the whole time, no one can get at me;

# Don’t fret.

There was a Brexit Party lady who stood up and said that it has nothing to do with what you say you will do, it’s all to do with what you actually do.  Wise words.

To specifics, item one:

That lady has done all women a huge service – I said similar but being a toxic male, I’d not be heeded – women will often only listen to another woman. Good then.

Now let’s get to this:

You recognise one of those?  Let me take you back if you don’t – the one on our right is named Alice Gross and she was murdered by one of our ‘welcome refugees’, a bad sort his own authorities were glad to see the back of.

At the time, I ran that picture with the observation that, looking at Alice, it was so obvious she’d be the one targetted, being an outgoing girl, sassy, ‘with it’, fashion conscious.

An esteemed fellow blogger, a chap very dear to me, took great umbrage at what appeared to be me admiring the sexiness of a child.

It had zero to do with that, I’m not a complete idiot, it was to do with her being precisely the type at risk. Let me use one of three current cases to illustrate what I’m trying to get across here.

I’ve a friend not mentioned in these pages yet who has two daughters. One of those daughters is like Alice – outgoing, sweet, fun, wants to be into anything, and so she does the sort of thing that that girl in the Forbes ad does – the Morocco syndrome, the Lara Logan syndrome.

There is very little self-preservation in that head, only a driven need to ‘be part of the action’, an ‘I can handle anything’ mindset.

If a man arranges to meet her, she’ll go, because there is also a mix of narcissism and naivety mixed in – there always is with the targetted – that’s why they’re targetted.

The prime target is she [or he] who thinks she [or he] could not possibly be a target and besides, nothing has ever happened before.

As any cricketer can tell you when batting – you only need make one error and anyone of any age can make it – it’s not just young Alice.

In fact another friend just made an error two days ago.  There was a third some weeks ago who made certain fundamental errors in attitude that I despair of, I really do.

It’s not safety precautions in question here, it’s a genuine sense of danger in the head that is important. When I go to town, there is one quite vulnerable point near my home, far less secure than actually being on the move in town.

It’s that last step between transport and the front door.  That’s where it will happen, that’s precisely where they’ll target you, knowing your defences are down.

Which brings me to the next point – situations when all the security consciousness in the world is not going to help if you are targetted.  Examples are anyone dressing reasonably well-to-do, anyone pretty, anyone with a nice new device or pair of expensive trainers.

There are gangs.

There are also demographics.  One unnamed demographic specialises in rape, murder and grooming, not just for the hell of it but because their god tells them to. Theft is an afterthought.

Then there is the demographic given to caravans and they’re just after the money, thank goodness.

Then there is the lone nutter or Manchurian, same result – see Jo Cox.

And almost no one is able to withstand maximum prejudice out of the blue.

In the US – a young man in MAGA hat, smirk on his lips, leads his gf by hand through the crowd, she trailing in his footsteps. Antifa girl takes a swing at her head from behind.

I can’t begin to speak of his defiant irresponsibility – I use the word irresponsible a lot.  So does Tracy above hint at that, and another lady said similar not long ago – she used that exact word – irresponsible – for Forbes.

Do not discount the chavs in all this, the local hoods.  Do not be anywhere near the Arndale Centre at certain times of day. Or Westfield.

But there’s one targetting where there is zero defence and I have my own tale to tell after this picture:

If you move in certain upper echelon circles due to those your mother knows, a boy has not a clue what monsters can lurk and even a savvy, canny lad who can escape most situations with those antennae cannot escape this one and what’s more – knows what is coming.

There is active kettling and targetting happening here … suddenly.

I neglected to speak of the sister of Alice, or of the other sister, the other daughter of my friend and what characterises her is that if she were, say, on a bed and someone said jump – while Alice would jump, the other sister would not.

She’s far more canny, she wants guarantees of being caught first, she wants to go over security arrangements herself, with her own eyes.

Alice’s sister was cautious … and is alive.  If that’s brutal, I’m sorry.

And it’s not restricted to kids – kids often have those natural antennae anyway to avoid at the last moment – they are well aware of their vulnerabilities.

Often the grown-up is the vulnerable one, feeling she [or he] simply is not, particularly if the one in charge.

Question – if you are an enemy on the prowl and you see two women – one obviously the wise, experienced kahuna and the other the luscious target, which does the enemy try to eliminate first?

Dear reader, you might feel this post quite distasteful and I’m sorry about that, just click out if you haven’t already done so.

On the other hand, what was safe a decade ago, even in your local area, is not now and there is a vast increase in targetting.

Am I personally safe?  You’ve got to be kidding – moving into the doddery demographic, plus a publicly committed Christian to boot, plus over-confident manner- I’m a prime target. My secret weapon?  The very God I believe, logically, must exist. Provided He has a use for me. When that ends, so do I.

Lastly, there’s a continuum, isn’t there – at one end is the sassy, overconfident adventurer of this post … but at the other end – the frightened pussy, the little mouse, afraid to come out at all.

Can there not be some safer place on that continuum, say slightly towards the sassy end but nonetheless still cautious?

3 comments for “Forewarned is forearmed

  1. Judd
    October 15, 2019 at 11:23

    I was a cub and boy scout, whether that helped confirm a be prepared nature i don’t know, but the school i was fortunate enough to attend taught self respect and self reliance plus respect for others, and how, not what, to think.

    My wife, who had a childhood that if i described it fully would see grown men with moist eyes, is a very cautious lady, she learned from a young age to see into people’s hearts, if she say someone is a wrong ‘un then by heck i’m taking notice because seldom is she wrong.

    She’s no shrinking violet mind, she’s a lot of fun but due to that childhood she has an anger waiting to explode at a moments notice and you do not want to be on the receiving end when it erupts, also being Latin blood there is a vengeance lurking inside for anyone stupid enough to hurt one of her own, be that me or children (very protected when growing up), but she knows the best form of defence is to not put yourself in danger in the first place.

    I suppose she is that cross between sassy and careful that you speak correctly of.

    Nothing to be regarded as sexual in how you portray the poor girl on the right in the picture, she’s a lovely looking girl and any normal man would look at her and see she would grow, if allowed to, to become a wonderful looking woman in time.

    Proper men don’t look at young girls with a lustful gaze, young girls are to be cherished and protected from scum who would do them harm, sadly our law makers and their enforcement depts have proved to be utterly useless in this regard, but somehow those who would do harm to such girls get a free pass, instead the blame for what happens to them must be pointed at preferably white middle aged or older men, especially those old school well raised sort who would be prepared to defend them from the grwoing number of un-men who are the villains out there, sadly gentlemen of the old school (social standing has no input here, manners not money maketh gentlemen) are no longer to be tolerated in the modern world, which is going to hell in a fast handcart.

    Most of us still capable of independent thought know who and where to avoid out there, sadly for too many of the younger generation they are not allowed to learn independent thought and the realities of life and risk, and that is some part of why they become victims.

    • October 15, 2019 at 12:43

      There needs to be a new set of old curmudgeons of 20 or so who grow up in the man for all seasons, chivalrous tradition. What happens to those in the middle I have no idea.

  2. October 15, 2019 at 14:11

    What is described by both you gentlemen is a past. One when respect was taught within families. Decency and kindness learnt at home, for most. There were always many but of a small majority, not so fortunate but surrounded by cultural understanding evolved over centuries, they to often triumphed over the evil.

    Punishment and retribution once played a big part. No longer. We are truly on a very downward, self inflicted via politics terrible slope.

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