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Sooner or later, someone is going to disagree with you over enough points to break off relations. You might almost see it as death by a thousand cuts.

My dearest and I were on a plane to somewhere I forget and we secured the exit row. There were no special reasons for us to have that row but we’d gone to the trouble of reserving it.

Within one minute of sitting down, some woman from back about ten rows had sent the stewardess to see if we’d give it to her dog and her. What on earth a dog was doing on board I don’t know but there it was.

I may have, except they’d already mucked us about a few times en route to even sitting down. Thinking back, I don’t know, there was no offer to us and that dog had the entire row where they were. So, on behalf of my dearest, I said no.

Well, you can imagine – not only did we get served food last but the service was the worst ever, plus she who must be obeyed took umbrage and that was way out of order in my book. In hindsight, I might have said yes, knowing now what they do to your food if you disobey.

Onto this latest tale:

I had a look and that old couple were way out of order. In this country, a reserved seat is a reserved seat. Personally, I wouldn’t bother, even now, though I’m sure I could play the heart attack card by flashing the spray or feigning an attack. I just prefer out by the door, standing, too packed like sardines in seats.

But that’s not the point, is it? Would it have been an act of compassion to allow that pair the seats?

Well, depends on how that pair acted – I see him as just as taciturn as I’d been, but there’s a far better reason to say no – their sheer greed and self-entitlement and those two character traits are writ large in our sceptered isle these days.

There was, of course, a compromise position – mother sits opposite with youngest and one other of the brood. That one takes turns. Even the old man could take turns getting up.

What happened was a good solution – move the family to first class but then we get into why first class were even in there – it was to avoid broods like this one. I went first class around Europe by train and it was mighty handy, as in Switzerland, for example, where first class was packed and it was often better to go second and meet nicer people [read gals].

And now we get political, don’t we? There are those egalitarians who say the feckless should have every right the fee paying have and they, the feckless, shouldn’t have to pay and what’s more, the govt should force those paying, e.g. taxpayers, to happily share with them, the freeloaders.

Then there’s the other side – if we pay through the nose, we have a right to expect service.

Which gets down to the politics of envy and greed – the green goblin spying a sinecure and wanting it, coveting it, though having done nothing for it. Won’t surprise to know that I’m on the side of the pre-payer, not the feckless freeloader.

Which then gets onto whether there should even be reserved train seats in the first place.

Plus the issue of the MSM pushing the anti-old people agenda and anti toxic white male agenda, but that’s another post.

By the way, one day we might look at who was right in The Merchant of Venice.

And really, really, really lastly [honest injun], there is this case via that ever-prescient futurist, Distant Relative:

4 comments for “Give up your seat

  1. ivan
    October 23, 2019 at 18:22

    I assume that you still have to pay extra to book a seat, therefore you should have that seat.

    If people ignoring booked seats is as prevalent as the mother with the children said, then her making a fuss about it is all to the good otherwise what is the point of booking. In fact if you sit in a booked seat that you haven’t booked the conductor should charge you the booking fee. Doing that would cut down the number of people that think they have the right to usurp the seat from the person that booked it.

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