Just think of the implications


Forget bridges, highways, and high-speed trains. Major US cities can’t even build simple buildings without drama anymore:

A large portion of a Hard Rock Hotel under construction in New Orleans collapsed Saturday morning, killing at least two people and injuring 20 others, authorities said. The building bordering the city’s historic French Quarter is considered unstable and officials said further collapse is possible.

Probably not necessary to spell this out but still, let’s take a few examples:

# Don’t use a car built after about 2002.

# Don’t go on a plane which is Boeing, Airbus, DeHavilland or Russian.

# Don’t go on anything too old or too new. For example, old planked yachts – avoid. New plastic fantastics – avoid. Aim within the 70s or 80s.

Not foolproof of course but it improves your chances.

And it applies to everything – buildings, lifts, escalators, any house built after 1990 … and so on.

Or else know the builders very, very well indeed.