1. Anna brings home the bacon:

2. The wnakery is strong in these companies:

3. Z Man has a point:

Europe has what they call a protest culture, which varies from country to country, but generally means a habit of doing politics in the street. In America, street politics is purely a left-wing phenomenon and totally synthetic. It’s mostly organized by the Democrat party and its affiliated organs. In Europe, everyone does street politics and it is not necessarily attached to the parties. As a result, dissidents and nationalists know how to work around Antifa in order to organize and hold events.

Without giving anything away, this morning I received a secret message, telling me where to stand at a particular time and to have the secret symbol visible. I arrived at the spot at the assigned time and in a few minutes, a man walking a dog passed by. As he did, he dropped a crumpled piece of paper onto the ground. I waited a few minutes until he was out of range and picked up the paper. On it was the location of the event. Others were sent to dead drops or met a courier at a specific location.

4. I always liked this Ian Dury song by the way:

5. Nope, no Brits there, only Syrians:

6. Two diametrically opposed views:

and the other:

Their strategy makes perfect sense.

A good debating proposal [in the affirmative].

7. Always stay at the ready:

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