1. Polly’s at it again:

Yes, I’ve already been through the thoughts – how is she even allowed to continue this on youtube, where is her first rate material coming from and so on.

While I’m firmly in the love Polly camp, our naturally suspicious minds should ask such questions all the same, even about another fave of mine from 2000 – Svali, plus Yuri Bezmenov in the 80s. Even the mild mannered interviewer in his case, G. Edward Griffin, was John Birch and Bezmenov said during the interview that they were instructed to infiltrate the right, not the left. The left were to be up against the wall.

That preamble was just to ask that anything at all is seen sceptically until corroboration or trusted sources make it seem trustworthy.

Above all, I ask that you look at the original documents afap, primary sources, which is what Iain Dale asked a LibDum to do yesterday. But even reading them, what if they’re deliberately Sir Humphrey in order to be taken several ways? These are some of the things we face as pundits and readers.

IMHO, Polly is illustrating something we know of but it hasn’t fully crystallised in the brain as yet. From the Wicker Man to the South Seas paedo island to Epstein’s island with the mystery religion chapel – what explorers found and what history showed, e.g. Egypt, e.g. the Druids, and it’s allegorised in the Old Testament, is that anywhere the monotheistic God has not reached by land and sea has tended to be perverse and that sounds more and more like Old Time Religious Missionary but look at the human behaviour – look at the Aztecs and Incas, look at the native rites on these islands.

My question is – if it took missionaries all those centuries to get to these far-flung places, something or someone obviously got there before them, those missionaries or explorers did not walk into any benign tabula rasa but into cultures of savagery. And there’s so much savagery anyway in the OT, even from the Chosen People – it does make one wonder.

One thing Polly illustrates well – and do watch it if you can find the time – is the mechanism by which evil gets in through portals. How it’s physically done:

I’ve had the notion for decades, after observing that there is this stand-off between the biblical reality and the accepted and promoted secular histories, that there need be no contradiction, although certainly there is human embellishment. If the water changes to wine, if pestilence rains down in the last days – why not? I can see quite plausible ways in which it could happen. The nuts and bolts of it – this above is an example of that.

And there are always at least quasi-religious trappings to any of these perverse societies – that’s the constant running through them.

2. How intelligent to be in this line of work?

As the authors say in the footnotes, they chose to restrict incidents to the 1950+ period in democratic Western countries in order to ensure cases remained cultural comparability. (Some people, including myself, suggested including Stalinist persecutions of IQ researchers – which, obviously, went well beyond the unpleasant but ultimately rather anodyne inconveniences they experience from “woke” students and cowardly university administrators.

3. There’s much money floating around from the Soros types to set the corrupt up for life. They don’t start as corrupt, I’m quite sure. With their poor education [today], and their love-all, do-good failure to discern right from wrong, they’re sitting ducks for the feelgood buzzwords hiding the true purpose.

Yet another example is young Laura Pillock:

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  1. Distant Relative
    October 21, 2019 at 09:25

    1. Islands seem to be a thing with some people. The climate change thing is another scam linking the same people. Makes good cover for nefarious activities. (#91 on Pizzagate)

    • October 21, 2019 at 11:17

      Also the connection of Flake with New Mexico.

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