Name’s Bond, Jane Bond

Scenario’s worse than we imagine, IMHO:

No, I don’t mean that in one of the possible endings, he doesn’t, as one wag put it, end up with the girl but ends up becoming the girl.

The Woke disease has ruined everything so far, all the old icons, and will ruin this one too. That’s in our curmudgeonly eyes. But our curmudgeonly eyes, I’m afraid, don’t count for much these days.

Point is that there do exist many, many people who think Skyfall was good, and that SPECTRE, though not as good, was still ok. Look at the box office, although I shouldn’t bother with Rotten Tomatoes, which is a money and influence scam.

Bottom line is that we are dying off and a new Woke generation is taking over. Yes, there are young alt-right and new conservatives (small c) but the vast majority are the end of the pretty p*** poor Gen X, plus the uneducated Millennials, with some Gen Z now entering the frame. Plus Boomers who are still trying to hip and relevant – Woodstock, peace and love, Burning Man, Comic Con, man, get with it.

It’s the same dismayed horror at Soy Boy being returned in Canada – the punters truly are sheeple these days and sanity is now a rare element.

So the commenter who said Barbara Broccoli is wise and will choose the right ending – really?

Dear Deplorables – our overall numbers have now dropped below that critical line, we are right at that point where appeals to sanity and reason no longer work, as Yuri Besmenov pointed out in the 80s.

2 comments for “Name’s Bond, Jane Bond

  1. Andy5759
    October 22, 2019 at 17:24

    The clue to the chosen ending is in the last sentence of the linked article, crew forced to work over Father’s Day weekend.

    Every so often I meet well groomed youngsters with good manners and sensible life priorities. My sense that tomorrow is in good hands lasts maybe a whole day, then hopes are dashed by seeing ignorant woke children on the news. I don’t know if we’ve reached the critical point but we are teetering on the edge.

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