With Ryan going to the Fox board, followed by steady anti-Trump and anti-American content increasing on various shows, it was suggested that Carlson and others go over to networks such as OANN:


Popular tweeter Stonewall Jackson wrote:

The on-air talent at Fox News should consider going somewhere else, and let the liberal Murdoch kids and the Paul Ryan RINOs on the board go down with the ship. Hannity, Tucker, Dobbs, Varney, Gutfeld, Waters, Trish, Judge Jeanine, Payne, etc should go to OAN or elsewhere.

OAN is a pay network though, so how much reach it would have remains to be seen, they claim 35m. It runs straight news during the day and opinion/interviews in the evening.

Here’s an example:

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  1. james wilson
    October 11, 2019 at 19:06

    Those familiar with Bruce Charlton know that his journal encouraging non-peer reviewed science articles was so successful that the enemy bought it to bring on a quiet death. The Murdoch kids can afford to kill Fox news and that is what they intend to do. It’s probably for the best, no more illusions.

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