Of quid pro quo and portals

You could go to any western country and find similar but the one in the UK and the US are sufficient to illustrate one glaring point – why is blatant unreality allowed to stand unchallenged?

On Twitter, there are key people amongst mutual followers who’ve been pushing for Brexit in the way most of us have, attacking May’s WA as a diversionary tactic to keep the UK inside the EU [or subject to its dictates] and we’re all on the same page, saying the same thing.

Suddenly, the ERG completely changes its stance without missing a beat and while they still talk Brexit, they don’t mean Brexit at all – they mean May’s reheated deal.


What I’m driving at is not that they changed position – there are always reasons in politics to do that – but that supposedly principled people on ‘our’ side are now blatantly lying, e.g. Mogg, as if this WA is worth fighting for, when it is so obviously and glaringly NOT Brexit. And Arron Banks, of Leave EU acting as if it IS Brexit?


How can an ethical person do this?

But more the case – here is a canny person – Mogg – who has clearly thoroughly read the text and can come out with a statement supporting Johnson’s WA. In  public.  With a straight face. And immense gall.

Over in the US, there’s something put by all major GOP pundits and key pollies, from Tucker Carlson through to Jim Jordan – namely to ask Lindsey Graham, heading the Senate, why on earth he’s not instituting proceedings he is entitled to?

There is post after post saying the same thing: “Do something for goodness sake, don’t just talk about it!”

As one commenter in a reply wrote – Lindsey Graham is deeply compromised, as is McConnell, both failing to quench the whole impeachment farce and yet the latter leaping into action over troops in Syria.

Leaving that because that is the swamp, compromised officials in power in Washington, and going to something far more immediately serious at ground level, within the home:

What can be said for that mother and her understanding of what childhood is? That seven is an age where a child can decide such a thing? It’s out and out abuse and we’re seeing the female at all ages in such a bad light of late:

Anorexia cases have DOUBLED among eight to 12-year-olds in the UK over the past decade ‘because of the pressures of social media on children’

Trainee dental nurse, 22, caught 29 times over ketamine limit in first of three drug-driving offences in less than 10 weeks is banned from roads 

CA Rep. Katie Hill Allegedly Involved Female Staffer in 2yr
Throuple’ Relationship 2 extramarital affairs with people on her staff, concurrently There are issues of national security.Hill serves on 2 influential committees Oversight & Reform Armed Service

Planned Parenthood abortionist Mary Gatter … who served as President of the Medical Director’s Council for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, was caught on video by undercover journalists with the Center for Medical Progress haggling over the price she would receive for providing tissue and organs procured from babies aborted at her Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Pasadena, California.

Gatter has since resigned from Planned Parenthood, along with a lengthy list of other executives, including former President and CEO Cecile Richards.

Under questioning by an attorney for one of the pro-life defendants, Gatter admitted she was indeed negotiating with the undercover journalists, who posed as representatives of an organ procurement company, to get the best price for the body parts. “I told them I wanted a Lamborghini,” she admitted.

Doesn’t even scratch the surface of the almost complete loss of any sort of self-regulation on behaviour and ethics and first to succumb are the weaker or less capable members of society – that’s just logical.


I’d say we’re on the same page up to this point but I bet you already suspect what is coming next.

You can come at this thing from the humanist side – that the darkest aspects of human nature, which is just something springing complete from some form of big bang or even evolution, by ignoring anything in the nature of genesis of a species – that the darkest aspects have taken over.

Or else you can accept a constantly watchful evil entity, at least in the sense of someone or something organised – that can be seen in anything from the UN to the shenanigans in parliaments, the types of shows now dominating TV, the culture being pushed like narcotics in schools. You can put that down to humans who had bad childhoods if you like, all meeting up and then colluding.

Or you can go von Daniken and call it aliens colonising earth long ago.

Or you can go even more ancient and say that there is some sort of evil entity which got to earth at some point and they have been intergenerationally [as Svali claims] spreading human misery ever since, with a view to first enslaving and then destroying humans from within.  Some enormous chip on the shoulder since earliest times.

And looking at the current climate, it’s not difficult to make a case for that last one.  How?

Well, Poirot said it to Jacqueline de Bellefort:

“Mademoiselle, I beseech you, do not do what you are doing.”

“Leave dear Linnet alone, you mean!”

“It is deeper than that. Do not open your heart to evil.”

Her lips fell apart; a look of bewilderment came into her eyes. Poirot went on gravely: “Because—if you do—evil will come…Yes, very surely evil will come…It will enter in and make its home within you, and after a little while it will no longer be possible to drive it out.”

What the vast majority of the new type of teacher in schools, employed by heads with similar views, those heads themselves beholden to curriculum branch, are doing is what Miss de Bellefort did – allowing in, through portals, what cannot really be described as anything but evil.

That mother insisting, and a court backing her, to make a child have surgery to pretend he’s the other sex – this is not sane, this is not based on normal motherly compassion for the child, it’s based on ideology from above.

And it is, put simply, evil.  You can call it what you wish – collective insanity?  Same end.

So what?  I’m all right, Jack?  I state, categorically, that if the Lindsey Grahams through to those mothers do not stop what they are doing, do not start advocating for good, which I think a sizeable proportion of the population still understand and support, at least in principle, then there is no way back for the society.

Key people, from the mother in the family to the highest politician, MUST start speaking out or at least join the chorus so doing – it’s everywhere on social media, it hasn’t permeated into society as a whole yet.

There’s a lot of Sydney Carton in this: “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”

If we ever come up against a judgment day, how many would stand ennobled, paragons of purity?

But we can all do the Sydney Carton at the 11th hour.

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3 comments for “Of quid pro quo and portals

  1. Distant Relative
    October 23, 2019 at 10:23

    Re Moggsy – usual discernment required.


    “Put not your trust in men” etc etc.

    Re a conversation re Gurning Gargoyle Berclow’s ongoing shenanigans and his imminent departure. “I hope he has protection lined up after he leaves because he might need it. “

    • Distant Relative
      October 23, 2019 at 10:27

      Oh and Graham was McStain McCain the RINO’s sidekick, lest we forget.

  2. October 23, 2019 at 11:08

    Lest we forget, yes.

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