Queen’s speech – summary and commentary

The speech starts around 11.30 a.m. our time.

Admittedly this is from The Sun but it does summarise it:

#  The Queen will lay out 22 bills in the first State Opening of Parliament in more than two years.

#  Seven of them – almost a third – will be in the law and order crackdown while five are from the Home Office and two from the Ministry of Justice.

#  There will also be:

  • A major series of reforms unveiled for the NHS, from patient safety to mental health care;
  • A power bid to fight the social care crisis, expected to be based around a new insurance system for older workers;
  • Legally binding targets to enforce cleaner air and slash single-use plastics;
  • Six different Brexit bills, including rushing through a Withdrawal Agreement Bill to ratify an 11th-hour deal by October 31.


#  The Home Office last night estimated 400 criminals a year breach deportation orders as the maximum sentence is just six months’ jail.

But the Foreign National Offenders Bill proposed today will hike it to at least two years, with Home Office ministers pushing for five.

#  The Police Protections Bill will help to stop high-pursuit officers from being unfairly prosecuted by ensuring their high levels of training are taken into account.

#  There will also be a Prisoners Bill that will include “Helen’s Law”, which will punish murderers who hold back information on their victims’ whereabouts.

# The health package includes a Patient Safety Bill, which will set up the world’s first independent investigations unit to police standards in hospitals and GPs’ surgeries.

# It will also see black box-type gadgets installed in machinery.

The NHS Long Term Plan Bill will oversee building and repairs to 40 hospitals.

Right – what do you take away from all that? This is the one which stuck out for me:

Rushing through a Withdrawal Agreement Bill

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