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A site like Snopes with its pretend factfinding, in other words, heavily left-liberal and far-left of late, is in a way today honestly dishonest, in that its dishonesty in pretending to be unbiased is a known-known.

Rational Wiki is not so easy to categorise but I note some recurring comments in my travels:

# RationalWiki is a pollitically and ideologically geared webpage that produces propaganda for the USA left wing pollitical spectrum.

# When it comes to social and political issues, RationalWiki is really a mixed bag. Their articles are, of course, as they are everywhere else, overwhelmingly partisan, but, if you happen to agree with their liberal perspectives, then you will probably find them both entertaining and informative. If you do not agree with their liberal perspectives, well, they probably will not have much to offer you then.

# In the area of religion, RationalWiki editors often misunderstand, misinterpret, or oversimplify the religious teachings and arguments that they are debunking.

# When it comes to the subject of science, they’re almost always accurate. When it comes to politics, however, things get complicated.

# It does have a liberal bias, but they have talk pages for every article, where you can raise your concerns, and correct any blatant misinformation.

All those are opinions I saw in passing, this one perhaps nails it better:


The url looks promising until you get into what the author is saying and then it comes out as ‘anti-denialist’, i.e. they would see Anthony Watt as a bete noire, most people commenting at N.O. as rightwing denialists.

However, they sometimes do make good observations in less politicised spheres, so I’d say approach with caution.

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2 comments for “Rational Wiki

  1. Bruce Charlton
    October 8, 2019 at 08:37

    You are (literally) too kind about RW.

    It is an evil and pernicious website – by design and in execution!

    I would say that its major function within the SJW ecosystem is to slander dissenting individuals, so that casual web searches by stupid people (i.e. most web searches) will poison the ignorant masses against truth-tellers.

    To this end, Google have ensured that RW is typically among the top two or three results when you do a name search. This is how propaganda works.

    For example, Googling my collaborator Michael Woodley of Menie gives RW at number 2, and the reader is confronted with this:

    “Michael Anthony Woodley of Menie, Younger aka Technical Heretic (1984–) is a eugenicist and ecologist who holds various pseudoscientific and fringe-science views, including cryptozoology, eugenics, hereditarianism and racialism; he’s co-authored a book with a similar crank named Edward Dutton. He attended the London Conference on Intelligence and controversially sits on the Editorial Board of the journal Intelligence. He also reviews papers submitted to the OpenPsych pseudojournals.[1] Despite his wealthy aristocratic background (and his YouTube videos which seem to show him living in a huge manor house or castle[2]), Woodley begs for donations from his meagre following…”

    I should add that Edward Dutton, who gets a similar entry, was my co-author on The Genius Famine book.

    Aside from being childishly-badly written, every sentence is over-stuffed with negatively evaluative words; to a degree that would shame a bottom-feeding tabloid. How the contributors can fool themselves that they are ‘rational’ would be a mystery, except that such self styled rationalists, skeptics and that ilk are *always* like this.

    We need to be aware that lies only work well when they are embedded in some factually-correct material – and that is how we know when falsehood derives from evil, rather than being merely due to ignorance or error. Any accurate pages in RW are merely there in order to get the site some credibility for its slander pieces.

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