The curious case of the Madeira cake

… and other issues.

Let’s start with the curious case of Anthony Watts. I just sent his url:

… to a friend.

Now, we’ve had our moments before with Google monitoring and censoring and of course there are the posts on it. But this one was blatant.

The email thread instantly went blank, couldn’t access it.  So started a new thread and sent it again.  Froze.  Sent it a third time.  Ditto.  Had been fine till then.

Which raises that old, thorny question of coincidence.

There’s every reason why this was just early morning UK when everyone is online, computers booting or whatever.

Except all other emails were working fine.

The Madeira cake

ASDA – another curious one – they run a series of round cakes, doughnutty hollow, £2, great value and the runaway best seller was the marble cake.  I spoke with the bakers, asked a bigwig too.

So what happens?  They remove it. Ok, there was one not selling but then it became popular – spicy fruit – yep, they’ve removed it.  One of the most popular is the choc chip Madeira.  Yep, ditto.

Slow sellers are all-choc cake and plain Madeira.  Guess which are there?

I’m sure you’ve spotted it – they’ve just sold out of the others.  Plausible. I asked.  No, they’ve been removed.

Same goes for crispy duck.  There was a range at a low price for a small portion and it was popular.  Gone.  The expensive large one still sits and festers on the shelf.

It’s almost like an ongoing war of coercion.

Let’s leave those for now, as there are rational, non-nefarious explanations I suppose.  Consider this:

Just went to Watts Up anyway to see … well … watts up … and there, stuck right in the middle of the text, was someone’s scabby bare feet and something about fungus.

Now I ask you dear reader … I seriously ask you.  At least it’s not two hairy males kissing.

Went to my own book Masquerade to read a bit of it and what have the bstds WordPress gone and done?  Shoved ads every five paragraphs – their ads, not mine.

And what was this repeated ad – not even different ads?

It was some ugly muvver’s bald, misshapen skull and something about hair loss.  I mean, if it was some girl out in nature, then maybe.  I don’t know which was worse – the ugliness of these ads or how they’re repeated – in that chapter alone, there were near twenty repetitions.

That’s not on, might go back to blogger with it.