The theatre of betrayal [3]

There are such good pundits around among the dross and thank goodness for that:

Mark Bauerlein in American Greatness:

“The deliberate national penance that most Germans take for granted offers a striking contrast with the ways American have confronted their own national crimes.”

That’s a line from an article last month in The Atlantic. The article focuses on a supposedly sad divergence: while Germans have fully acknowledged their responsibility for the Holocaust and accepted their guilt, Americans have failed to do the same with their history of slavery and Jim Crow.

The comparison is the kind of stretch that only a pampered, liberal, Ivy-League educated professor who has spent lots of time in Europe could make.

In truth, there is little evidence in the Atlantic essay that the author knows more about the antebellum and post-Reconstruction periods than one would acquire in a freshman U.S. history course.

Don’t even start me on academia:

Note the year.  Now:

Former Yale Law School dean Anthony Kronman has recently written a gutsy book entitled The Assault on American Excellence. I say “gutsy” because in elite academic circles these days, even the slightest dissent from the idea that the quest for more diversity is always good, always a step toward social justice is apt to land you in hot water with the “progressives.” Kronman does more than slightly dissent. He argues that the diversity mania has been quite harmful.

But why stick to the heady heights of ivy-league academia? Let’s get down to ground level – truckies for example:

Tropical Truckdrivers vs. Canadian Ice and Snow: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

How an immigration scheme steers newcomers into Canadian trucking jobs – and puts lives at risk

Immigration consultants and trucking firms with sketchy safety records have found ways to exploit foreign job seekers, sometimes with tragic results when unprepared drivers are sent out on the road, a Globe investigation finds.

Shall we come back full circle to the level of expertise of the modern-woman and idiot-male-infested political class?  No?  Don’t blame you.

Oh come on, let’s have just one more small look at Britland:

Police use a battering ram to break into Extinction Rebellion warehouse in Kennington, south London

Oh Britland, shall we mourn your decline with some thunderbird wine and a black handkerchief as someone we knew might have said?

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  1. Chuckles
    October 7, 2019 at 12:18

    Alas, poor Yorick, I hardly knew him at all.

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