The treachery both sides of the pond

The leftwing press reported it:

But not the rightwing:

The Hill reported:

The Senate again voted on Wednesday to end President Trump’s emergency declaration on the U.S.-Mexico border wall, paving the way for a veto showdown with the White House.

Senators voted 5441 on a resolution to end the declaration, which Trump used to shift billions of dollars from the military toward wall construction.

Under the National Emergencies Act, a resolution ending the declaration needed only a simple majority to clear the Senate, making it likely to be approved. But underscoring the broad swath of concern about Trump’s actions among the Senate GOP caucus, 11 Republican senators voted to nix the declaration.

Roy Blunt, Susan Collins, Mike Lee, Lisa Murkowski, Rand Paul, Rob Portman, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey and Roger Wicker were the miscreants.

This comes back to Amazing Polly who pointed out the triangulation of power, which I did point out in 2006 but did not put it as well.  the ploy, again, is to have two sides at loggerheads or in the UK – the LibDims make a third, but all the while, a third force or third apex of the triangle actually runs things – the global socialists such as the UN and EU.  All parties except Brexit Party are riddled with em.

But look carefully at Nigel Farage too:

Even he is countenancing an extension – why are they NOT doing a DUP and rejecting any sort of treaty out of hand? Borisophiles are making out he’s being a very clever Trump and has a strategy to actually get No Deal. I do not believe that – he’s an apologetic One Nation Tory and on this matter, there is no compromise – it was In or Out, end of.

So where does that leave us all?

In the US, it leaves some truly treasonous Senators who are there on Trump’s coattails – why he supported Romney absolutely confuses me, plus the others [in bold] are known traitors.

Over here, even Farage is vacillating, yet the rank and file is not. Between a rock and a hard place.

Methinks there will be ructions, there’ll be whacks.

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