These undefended isles

There’s an expression ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’, as you know.  There’s also a catechism by Father Brown on Flambeau in The Sign of the Broken Sword:

“Where does a wise man hide a pebble?”

And the tall man answered in a low voice: “On the beach.”

The small man nodded, and after a short silence said: “Where does a wise man hide a leaf?”

And the other answered: “In the forest.”

There was another stillness, and then the tall man resumed: “Do you mean that when a wise man has to hide a real diamond he has been known to hide it among sham ones?”

“No, no,” said the little man with a laugh, “we will let bygones be bygones.”

He stamped his cold feet for a second or two, and then said: “I’m not thinking of that at all, but of something else; something rather peculiar. Just strike a match, will you?”

Let me ask another one – what is significant about the name St Clare or St Clair or Sinclair?

Answer – it’s the name of one of the damned bloodlines headed for one place.

Who was killed at the 13th pillar of Le Pont d’Alma?  What’s significant about that first name?  Do you know other similar names from mythology, depending on the culture and language? Ast…, Ash…, Ish… and then we can throw in Horus and all the rest of it, before gathering breath and whispering Moloch.

What’s the greatest parlour trick ever played by the enemy of mankind and no, I don’t mean Baroness Hale?  It’s a double game:

1. Convincing the learned scholars and scientists, the rationalists who dispense wisdom, that he does not exist, it’s all tinfoil and tricks of the light;

2. Convincing the simple and easily led, e.g. children, that he does very much exist and is present right now – seen in everything from metal bands to Taylor Swift to Kate Bush to gaming.

I have neither the time nor the energy to argue this out yet again with either of those two groups.

But there are two other groups on the edges:

3.  The genuinely evil;

4.  Those who attempt to stop them.

And guess what happens to the fourth group once the cultural underpinning is firstly fallen away from, then mocked, then suppressed and then it’s too late for humanity?

There’s a fifth group and that is the western middle-classer who just likes his ciggies and booze, football, is his own man and doesn’t suffer fools gladly, is currently sick to death of all the BS in public life … and there are women also in this category – most of us would see us in here.

But as was said in comments recently, there’s not a hope in hell of that continuing.

The reasons can be given party-politically – and that’s the media focus … or else given in terms of the history of nations … or can be given in terms of the eternal war between two distinct sides, one manifesting itself in a coat of many colours, tricking itself out resplendently and impressively and using tricks to pull the wool, the other side once in fashion, now right out of fashion and therefore the second demographic above no longer has any protection and the dross comes in through the portals – entertainment, music, gaming, porn, social media, schools, broken families.

The symbolism waved in front of the faces of all, e.g. on the weekend, the way the police just stood around and did nothing – it’s all part of the push for 2020.  And most people, whilst decrying what’s going on, have no real idea how close to an William S Burroughs novel we are.

I did not say close to the end of the world, because that would reveal scant knowledge of scripture.  Nope, I’m saying we are closing in on a lawless time where no one is safe and no compunction is felt by any of the new ‘lost’.

We’ve already seen sporadic outbursts.

It’s a time when black becomes white, up is down, women run the world in a grand matriarchy with pussified men under them and one power rules them all.

Do you really contend that the upcoming young men and women are fine specimens overall, the pride of the nation? Resilient and spiritually sound, not to mention physically and mentally?

Has this upcoming lot’s upbringing been fine, enobling?

There are two demographic groups who could have put up a fight, put spanners in the works of this Narrative:

1. Manly men who once filled the ranks of the knights and other chivalrous folk, the ones who did the dirty jobs, the one the other day they rabble tried to stop going in for his burger and soon realised it was not such a good idea;

2. Robust, Godly clergy who stuck their oar in and said no – you shall not do these things – and society half heeded it.

Both are now almost gone.

You thought this was about the crippling of the UK armed forces? It actually is – that’s part of the whole Grand Theatre.

4 comments for “These undefended isles

  1. October 8, 2019 at 20:45

    I look at these Greek chorus reddies and think, at least they’re not f-img Pierrots.

  2. dearieme
    October 8, 2019 at 21:22

    In these islands we say ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’. Have you been spending time in the US?

    Next you’ll be chuntering about going to hell in a hand basket.

  3. Toodles
    October 10, 2019 at 09:14

    Oh to Chunter to Chunter to buy a fat pig!

    One chunter in the hand is worth two in the bush?

    Once a chunter always a chunter.

    Move over Beethchuntering!

    Oh Chuntero Chuntero ….where in the heck in a hand basket are ye?

    Once you have seen one Chunamerican you have seen them all!

  4. October 10, 2019 at 09:46

    Over here, we do have woods you know, quite ancient ones too.

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