Tucker on January 2017

Meanwhile, from the previous video, Polly said a very interesting thing. She was referring to the Ukraine and how Soros set up not one but two anti-corruption agencies.

This is the policy, she called it, of Triangulation.

Yes indeed. You set up two apexes to fight one another, come out with contradictory ‘facts’ and policies and through that, create and maintain chaos.

And he followed the same playbook four times. Now, where else have you seen this playbook? Yep – May and Johnson.

The country see two opposed factions at loggerheads but in fact there are three. The ones actually in charge create a “third way”, in this case, the WA, no one wants it, it’s there to confound, that’s its purpose.

What Britain gets on Hallowe’en is the third way, the non-Brexit, non-Remain. Power goes directly to the deep state in waiting for 2020.


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