1. Policy of snitching:


We had a one hour meeting the other day with some clown from ACAS giving a talk about respect in the workplace that was stuffed full of nonsense like this. He spent a great deal of time explaining how it is harassment to patronise or condescend to any one of the protected groups (Age, Sex, disability etc etc) and then went on to explain how in a factory such as ours where multiple nationalities work it’s not right to expect older foreign nationals to be expected to be able to learn English, even though it’s in the employee handbook that they should be able to understand instructions given to them in English for their own safety….

When I pointed out that by condescending to the elder foreign nationals in saying that they couldn’t be expected to learn to speak English he was in contravention of the exact same policies that he was trying to explain all he said was, ‘Good point – but you can’t expect them to really can you?’ So in explaining the legislation around harassment and bullying he explicitly harassed a protected group. It just goes to show that the legislation is an absolute nonsense.

When I was in Russia, there were still more than traces of the old USSR. One of those was the policy of Denunciation, a formal term. The State encouraged neighbours to rat on each other for anything and then, guilty or not, they had a Record.

What it did for neighbourliness you can well imagine – pure primary school-like ‘I’m telling on you’. The Crucible.

Perhaps it’s where I developed this hyper-cautious approach in dealing with others but you had to watch what was said in those days. I’d say that largely disappeared during the 90s although the FSB was still about.

That is what we’re seeing here now- the State would clearly like neighbours to snitch on one another.

2. Who’s doing the trafficking?

Let’s come back to Polly again who traced the trafficking to this one above in the Marshall Islands- there were many others.

For a start, there was the needs of the clients satisfied by such trafficking and so they’d pay well but there’s another factor. They weren’t trafficking girls to the Marshall Islands, it was the opposite – they were trafficking mothers to the US.

That has quite different further implications, e.g. at election time. therefore look at who would benefit? Then look at the Dems and RINOs she tied in – there was even a photo of them all together.

Now, at one point, Polly asked what would connect flake to a Dem pollie from New Mexico. She pointed out that Epstein had a ranch there.

Yes. Now think it through even further.

3. Canada – we don’t do too much on Canadian politics as a rule but need to mention exit polls putting Trudeau back as a minority govt.

The issue for Soy Boy is the third party holding the balance.

Given the fact that neither of the front-runners could come away with a parliamentary majority, it is the smaller left-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP) or the separatist Bloc Quebecois that could end up holding the balance of power.

More on this as I … or you … look it up.

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  1. October 22, 2019 at 06:43

    The Canadian result is symptomatic. Local issues are a factor, an entirely deep-captured media, Soy Boy’s pretty dissembling, the influx of Woke north of the border, the desire for “it all to be all right” in troubled times so let’s believe the blandishments and soft-speak of Pretty Boy instead of the harder line of the Conservatives, plus memories of Harper.

    Perhaps they just hate Trump, Canadians.

    There’ll be better analyses by the smaller alt-media no doubt, I look forward to reading them.

    Stefan Molyneux:

    # The Conservatives would have won if they hadn’t caved on mass immigration.

    Not conservative but CINO opposition?

    # Respectfully I don’t think they caved… conservatives are statists that only use the deep state slightly differently. Caving would mean they went against what they truly believed..Look at the republicans who had all 3 branches of govt and did nothing with it.

    # Been pro immigration since Harper.

    # Tried to be Liberal lite …. and Scheer doesn’t have any charisma for that

    Seems there was a better candidate, Bernier, dirty leadership fight.

    # Scheer was the globalist shill all along… I think if Bernier had lead the cpc, different story tonight. The milk man conserved nothing in what should have been an election handed to him. The foreign interference was also real, as usual.

    # Looks like Canada needs to abolish the Electoral College. With 80% counted Conservatives lead Liberals by 1.2% nationwide but trail 121 seats to 156.

    # The key for Sheer was Ontario. The MAJOR problem was that Ford has been a policy announcement disaster! Shortly after winning a maj gov, Ford has squandered it all in less than 15 mnths! Scheer got the backlash.

    # Stop putting your faith in any major political party because they’re all kosher certified. It’s unhealthy and naive to believe they will save us. We aren’t going to vote our way out of this mess.

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