Turkey’s thanksgiving

There’s a dilemma I have here and that is a promise I gave not to use Gatestone as a source … and as a source on western issues, that’s a well-founded request, given the likely presence of the Israeli State’s vanguard at, say, 911 or 7/7. I think, by and large, I’ve kept that promise.

On the issue of the middle-east itself though, it seems the only sound source, given Israel’s interest in the region and whilst I’m not sure they report themselves correctly 24/7, they do have a line on the enemy, just as I would read the Russians on the Ukraine and both sides in turn over the AWofIndependence.

Therefore, be warned that this is Israeli intel below, the purpose being to try to understand Trump’s decision to pull out, one I don’t have an opinion on either way as yet:


#  Voice of America itself reported on January 23, Erdogan’s plan was to resettle three million or more refugees from other parts of Syria in this “security zone” extending twenty miles deep into Syria. Twenty miles may not sound much, but – the VOA omitted to mention – almost all the Kurdish towns of northeastern Syria lie within that area. So Erdogan’s intention to annihilate the Kurdish presence in that area and replace it with others has been manifest ever since the beginning of 2019.

There’s little doubt over Turkey’s foreign policy towards Greece, Armenia and the Kurds over the years.  Also, one must bear in mind the American’s penchant, at ground level, for the Monroe doctrine or similar.  It’s the NeoCons who are the hawks.

I can go further in other posts about Project Cyclone and the ultimate aim [see Bush Snr and occult lunacy, also The Manchurian candidate].  If you read Z Man earlier today, you’d have seen this is quite apposite now, no longer flights of fancy. And was there ever a region more steeped in ancient occult than the middle-east?

However, back to this topic, I’d say he’s wrong here, the author, in that the military very much did not wish to withdraw for all sorts of reasons, including military balance, alliances, oil and money:

#  In order to disguise his plans, Erdogan revealed them stage by stage, by making first lesser and then greater demands on the US military, to which Trump agreed — sometimes in the course of telephone conversations with Erdogan. So Erdogan was able to hoodwink the US military up to January 2019 and to hoodwink Trump up to the current invasion: Trump resolutely defied contrary advice from the military (and from everyone else).

That bit might or might not have been so but it is Trump, not the military who were fooled [*or was he?]  Now some finer detail:

#  At first, Erdogan demanded the removal of Kurdish militias only west of the Euphrates river. This was the proclaimed aim of his so-called Operations Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch (the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Kurds from the Afrin area). With that accomplished, he began demanding a Turkish-controlled “security zone” east of the river, to be 32 kilometers deep.

The US responded by agreeing to joint US-Turkish patrols in the area. Erdogan demanded that the Kurdish towns in the area should dismantle the fortifications that they had raised to defend themselves from the Islamic State (ISIS). The Kurds agreed, reassured by the US military that this step would remove any excuse for a Turkish invasion.

Finally, in October 2019, Erdogan asked Trump in a further telephone call to remove US troops from the patrols and Trump agreed, believing that by threatening Turkey on Twitter, he could deter a Turkish invasion. The invasion started forthwith.

It has been stalled, maybe, now that the Kurds have invited the army of the Assad regime to deploy throughout northeastern Syria up to the Iraqi frontier. If so, the beneficiaries will include Iran, America’s arch enemy, which can now see its yearned-for highway all the way from Tehran to Quneitra on Israel’s border.

OK, we’re talking highways, there’s another from China which through a series of treaties, leads ultimately to the Valley of Jezreel [Esdraelon] and anyone who’s read posts passim here or my long book last few chapters is well aware what that’s a precursor to.  Cue the Book of Revelation.

It’s pretty clear where Israeli sympathies lie here:

#  Once the vanity of threatening Erdogan with tweets was exposed, Trump spoke in a press conference, in which he sought to besmirch the name of the Syrian Kurds by complaining that in World War II they had not participated in the Normandy landings.

Whatever he knows or not about today’s Syria, he knows nothing of Vichy Syria, the regime of French collaborators with Germany that ruled Syria after the collapse of France in 1940.

When British Empire forces invaded Syria and deposed the Vichy regime there, they had no means to replace it and so allowed Syrian politicians to declare independence. Under both Syrian regimes, the Kurdish minority had neither the opportunity nor the training nor even a pointless invitation to fight in Europe.

All right, so there’s a treacle mire in the region and each party is fighting to the death. I’m not saying for one moment that Clinton understood it any better but Them certainly do, bathing daily in the mystery religion Babylon. There is so much subterfuge and taqiyya going on.

Cue Christian eschatology and I say why not – the other sides in this triangulation are most certainly using historical legend and precedent. According to ours, watch for a road from ‘the East’, down which comes an army of 200 million, crossing two dammed up rivers and passing close to Babylon, 50 or so miles south of Baghdad.

The most charitable thing I can say about the Donald here is *that he has temporarily stymied the NWO plans for global governance, knowing full well what it is he’s actually stalling. We shall see.

Sidelight on the issue:


The new Dark Ages [western nations version]:



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