1. Indicative of the general malaise, rather than specifically about this one firm:

I don’t mind everyone returning to homemade – I make a better pizza anyway – but it was more about going out and browsing/shopping, then getting something to eat. We used to go to the Pizza Express in Tranquil Vale, Blackheath and it was quite fun for a group of people, pizzas were fine, extras good enough.

Not to have it there, not to have anything there because it’s all online or at home – wwweeelll, don’t know about that.

2. Those names – Spanish, aren’t they?

Enrichment in Minnesota

Nineteen St. Cloud HS students face felony charges for assault, terroristic threats & possession of a weapon

Only 4 Names Released by Police
– Hussein Abdi Abdinasir
– Mohamud Afi Ibrahim
– Abdisahal Ali Elmi
– Abdishukri Khalif Dagane

3.  Two from Jim:

4.  Not as cleancut it first seemed:

The God-Emperor is directly confronting the treasonous neoclowns.
President Donald Trump’s sudden decision to pull back U.S. troops from northern Syria drew quick, strong criticism Monday from some of his closest allies in Congress. It was condemned, too, by Kurdish fighters who would be abandoned to face a likely Turkish assault after fighting alongside Americans for years against the Islamic State.

5.  NOBODY cares, as there is no reason whatsoever for such apps:

6.  The war goes on:

Michael Mann just stepped in it.

7.  Everyone must have one:

NERF’s New Ultra Blasters Fire Farther Than Ever

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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