1. Not good:

2. Piers is actually looking a bit better these days:

Piers Morgan blasts BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker as ‘the dullest, most excruciatingly virtue-signalling, tediously opinion-devoid, toe-curlingly snivelling sycophant on TV’ in Twitter row over Meghan Markle

Well done.

3. Seems legit:

4. Here’s a fun one:

The protein shell has aerial-like spikes in it which the virus uses to hack into and hijack a host cell so it replicates itself — resulting in illness if the virus is disease-causing like Ebola, Norovirus, or flu.

But this new virus, from the diarrhoea-causing enterovirus G family, has no shell at all which has completely baffled scientists.

All I can say is – eat more pig!

5.  Puzzling:

6. Weeeell, he has to do so, doesn’t he? It’s his job:

Pity it’s not the final itself.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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