Wednesday too

1. Difficult not to guffaw:

2. Express – 16 areas in danger of severe voterigging:

• Birmingham • Blackburn w Darwen • Bradford • Burnley • Calderdale • Coventry • Derby • Hyndburn • Kirklees • Oldham • Pendle • Peterborough • Slough • Tower Hamlets • Walsall • Woking

3. If they’re going to start this ‘group of juveniles’ rubbish, then we at N.O. are i vecchi.

4. Interested in black holes anyone?

5. Fake war reporting:

We drove for hours through the desert, towards the Iraqi border. Approx. 20-30 kilometers from the border, there really was nothing. First of all no war. There were armored vehicles and tanks, burned-out long ago. The journalist left the bus, splashed the contents of the cans on the vehicles. We had Iraqi soldiers with us as an escort, with machine guns, in uniform. You have to imagine: tanks in a desert, burned out long ago, now put on fire. Clouds of smoke. And there the journalists assemble their cameras.

It was my first experience with media, truth in reporting.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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