Weekend live [3]

10. Ted Lewis.

One commenter mentioned, regarding the first youtube: ‘Not from “Is Everybody Happy’ (a lost film, I think), but The Show of Shows the same year:’

These are situations where Wiki is useful.

Lewis’ band became cornier and schmaltzier as the Great Depression wore on, but this seemed to match the general public’s taste, as he remained commercially successful during an era when many bands broke up. Through it all he retained his famous catchphrase “Is everybody happy?”, along with “yessir!”.

Lewis adopted a battered top hat for sentimental, hard-luck tunes (he called himself “the high-hatted tragedian of song”). Frequently he would stray from song lyrics, improvising chatter around them. This gave the effect of Lewis “speaking” the song spontaneously.

True to his vaudeville beginnings, he created a visual as well as a musical act. His physical presence with props like his top hat combined with bits of visual humor and dancing were as important to him as his music.

9. Honest injun:

8. There’s a post of mine up, over at OoL:


7. Chuckles’s impeccable taste in humour and music comes to the fore again:

6. Daily Time Waster has some nice things this time around:



Girls and boys, I have an announcement – winter approacheth:

5. When I see something like this when clicking on a sent link [and thanks, he didn’t know this would happen]:

… guess where it ends up? Ditto with a story where you click on the chick, it brings up a second page to click, then gives you a paragraph, with a next arrow – goodbye.

4. Plenty of fun and games coming up here then:


Bodhammer shares a report from Popular Mechanics: The U.S. Navy has jumped into the game by filing a patent for a compact fusion reactor, according to exclusive reporting by The War Zone. The success of the device, developed by researcher Salvatore Cezar Pais of the Naval Air Warfare Center — Aircraft Division, relies on a part called a dynamic fusor.

According to the patent, Pais’ plasma chamber contains several pairs of these dynamic fusors, which rapidly spin and vibrate within the chamber in order to create a “concentrated magnetic energy flux” that can squish the gases together.

3. The problem when a cow like this goes is – is there someone even worse coming in to replace her?


[I’ve tried over and over to hyperlink that site and it keeps getting it wrong – has to be lifted manually and pasted into the browser.]

In her final report as Chief Medical Officer, Davies shows why she won’t be missed. She proposes a ban on eating or drinking anything other than water on trains and buses. Davies also suggests that nothing fatty or sugary should be available to buy at certain sports stadiums. Goodbye matchday pies or a pint at the rugby.

2. Vox nails the issue in these built-to-purpose children’s organisations:

My parents were patrons of the Children’s Theatre and we attended every show there for years, including at the height of this period of rapacious abuse. Neither they nor I had any idea about any of this, of course; I knew nothing of it until Spacebunny brought my attention to it this weekend.

If you get a chance, go back to the Missing Children post at OoL and the elite set-up organisation of S**v**.

1. Free and Bad Company:

[H/T our beasty boys, when applicable]

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  1. Distant Relative
    October 13, 2019 at 09:25

    2. “Yeah but… but… the pervert director was very talented.” Gimme strength! Just like Judy Dench suggesting we ignore Weinstein’s “misdemeanours” because he’s very talented. The people supporting these evildoers need their heads examining, imho.

  2. October 14, 2019 at 19:57

    10. I can cope with corny and schmaltzy in small doses, but I wouldn’t make a habit of it. Maybe it’s worth remembering that the people who enjoyed it and kept Ted’s show going were people to be reckoned with.

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