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10. Just read two comments which put it all in perspective:

Having read all 599 pages of TM’s dreadful so called agreement and if Boris wants to stay in power he will have absolutely nothing to do with it. The voters will not forgive any politician who betrays the UK and of we do not become a fully independent country again the conservative party are finished.

And a reply:

I too read it and if he pushes this capitulation it will be the end of the Tory party, I would rather vote Raving Looney party.

9. Nowt to say about the football. Looking instead at the rugby and F1. Feel free to comment on the England loss.

8. Another element in those all at once elements is something Gabbard said in that surprisingly deep voice for one so small, and that was about divisiveness.

Not my plan to blame this or that one – Bushes, Obummer, the UN, the illumined – in this post, suffice it to say that it certainly has become so polarised and toxic – and in every western country. Intriguing whilst dismaying.

And what comes through starkly is Gabbard’s quite correct general principle, were it taken hypothetically and in isolation, which over here is embodied in One Nation Toryism and leftism combined.

There’s a time for embracing … but there’s also a time for opposing and righting wrongs, draining swamps.

I was talking to a working man, old Labour for decades and he’s sure Labour are betraying the workers while I’m sure the Tories have betrayed the people. We found ourselves at one, yet each radicalised – hmmmm. Neither will have a bar of the XR clowns, the tranny excrescence and so on.

I do believe that this is centre left talking to centre right across … well, the centre.  While the extremists pretend to make a coalition of the Centre and fall apart, true moderates are able to form the strange bedfellows of the Brexit Party.

You’d hardly call me moderate in the things I post. See, it comes down to this – if you’re One Nation, tree-hugging, lovingly embracing evil and good interwoven with no judgment, it might look good on paper and make you feel you’re a good person but it also produces a backsliding Johnson selling out NI and the DUP.

Great damage most certainly comes from vacillating.

There really is a fundamental principle here, a conundrum of irony in fact. One manifestation [infestation?] is the clown who said that she was not here to represent the 52% who won but to also put the views of the 48% who lost.

And that’s bollox, utter guff.

As with abortion, it’s either murder your child or do not murder your child, you can’t have two diametrically opposed views in one.

And that’s the divide – those embracing wrong along with right … versus those rejecting wrong, which requires a belief in a set of eternal verities.

But the Mussies say that that’s what they do. I’ll hold back from retorting in their case, it would go on for days.

I’d say what it comes down to is something I used to tell people – that I’m a moderate extremist but actually it’s the reverse – I’m a moderate centrist whose views are now being put forcefully, sometimes with colourful language, but still using moderate methods … as opposed to the tree hugging, do-gooding XRers who embrace violence and lawlessness to make their point.

Talk about counterpoint.

7. Three or four elements coming together at once. I came in to check comments and there was Andy mentioning ‘atavistic’. Hmmmmm – my reversion to the 50s? Especially in boat design?

Then a possible joke by the Good Lord, methinks maybe not in the best of taste, even if you yourself smile:

There were two points in the interview which struck me – one being how hunched and doddery the builder had become [ouch] and then it came out about Parkinsons. The other was how his buzz was not sailing the boat but the building as a project. Made me think.

As for the sailing part, I do want but can’t alone any more or rather, I certainly can alone but possibly not wise with the heart. The foresail requires two and the reefing of the mizzen requires two – simple and easy for two, not so much for one.

The dream’s still reality, I’m watching to see when they become separated. Just doing some arithmetic though – if it took him 37 years … and my boat is approximately 2.5 times longer … let me see now … … …

6. All you probably need to know about the Vasari Corridor:

5. Awww, now that’s really ruined my day, that has:


4. Well, that didn’t take long, did it? 🙂


3. There are two types of Democrats the Donald does not badmouth – the old style with some decency – over here, that would be Kate Hoey … and in the leadership group – Tulsi Gabbard, whose policies are approaching the sane. Not on all things, natch, but he knows she’s a threat in herself.

Good thing for the Donald is the DNC won’t look at her – not corrupt enough, not part of the ‘stay-out-of-jail’ mob. They’re railroading her.

2. Some music from back then:

Today’s first question is:

And the second question is – was Jim Morrison as loony as Extinction Rebellion?

1. As and when something happens, I’ll post here at the first opportunity, a bit like last weekend.

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  1. Andy5759
    October 12, 2019 at 02:51

    Boris and others have mentioned hemp smelling bivouacs. I’m thinking more along the lines of lsd, mescaline and psilocybin. We all know that there have been many experiments into mind control using these substances. Some years ago I read a serious article in a Sunday supplement about the Laura Ashley phenomenon. It was, allegedly, all down to acid consumption in the 70s. It would appear that such substances drive users to be ativistic, hence the old fashioned floral prints. So, did all of these mind control experiments come to nothing? Or are we seeing the results? All’s well when they hark back to the days of good manners and my word is my bond. Not so when the silly buggers want us to reopen our ancestral caves. Besides, those whale oil lamps don’t half stink!

    Anyway. Goodbye Tim. You were always out there, somewhere.

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