When all elements are present

For all Welby is a Laodicean type Christian, a pointy-hatter, can you really see him calling for followers to ‘kill them where ye shall find them, seek them out’ etc.?

But I can see a certain sect of sunworshippers within the church calling for that sort of thing. Some years back, there was an online group calling themselves Crusaders and while they were putting ideas similar to mine, it became clear that they considered me a ‘heretic’ and I’d be just as much for the chop for not following the ‘one true church’.

I have a theory, as Ann Elk said in a Python interview, but I don’t claim it’s all mine.  Essentially, I was trying to give a rational explanation to a pair of protagonists at the end of the long book, as to why suddenly things happened and why, though almost all circumstances would indicate that something should happen – it doesn’t.

How profound, eh?  But according to this theory, time does not move that way – in a linear way – in the other dimension, rather it’s a case of when all the circumstances, the required elements, are present – then it will happen.  I used the analogy of H+C+N – each present in the atmosphere but combine them  and you have a poisonous and flammable combination, deadly.

Where I was living in Russia, there were Muslims everywhere and they were benign.  They did not take infidels and murder them.  Not so in the middle-east or wherever one particular religion is in any community anywhere, once they reach certain numbers. Bacteria in the body act in a similar way, viruses etc.

I’d say eating too much chocolate cake with vodka would be similar.  But why would you do that?  Only because there is an agent present, a catalyst. Does your bread rise when you bake it?  Why?

Look at Darfur again – always the scene of poverty and unrest, what changed to see the Janjaweed storm towns, committing true atrocities involving babies and women and all the rest of it [post a long time ago at the old blog].  What had altered? What new element had moved into ‘the equation’?

It was not hard to see that it was representation to the ruling junta by the envoy, followed by UN ‘observers’ in the area.  Suddenly, things turned, not just for the worse but into bestiality and simply inhuman acts on other people.

In other words, carte blanche to move, as Python also narrated, without let or hindrance.  And so monsters did move, just as at the Trump rally where the young man led his gf out and from behind, suddenly Tonia Jean (Pomani) Black Elk attacked his gf with a round arm punch.

Why?  Where do we start?  Part of it being what is being fed these meatheads.

Now come back to the UK and what caused this woman to climb onto the whatever it is and start chiselling at a window?

Agents provocateurs, paid well, the oldest game in the book:

Do frazzled commuters usually get that violent? You know there’s a catalyst – and look at who radicalised these xr people that way, to do these things. If it’s not meant to be end of the planet for 12 years, then why violence now?

Answer is it has zilch to do with the bleedin’ planet – it is destabilisation and getting a civil war going. If people are not going to suddenly kill Muslims, then the catalyst has to find another fissure. Similar to union tactics in the 70s.

Then look at that clown police chief in Cheshire admonishing people for wrong pronoun usage – it’s deliberate, isn’t it? Deliberately provocative.

Chap called Tony Armstrong asks:

I always ask security staff how many white, Anglo Saxon pensioner terrorists they have encountered in the last 12 months…the response is a lot of foot shuffling and ‘move along’.

Someone asked what use are the bloody police now?  What are they good for?

Amy Mek, an alt-right Jewish lady, showed footage of German police carrying out an anti-terrorism drill in a public place, which was not too good for commuters – it was practising against ‘rightwing terrorism’. Tell me the last time you saw ‘rightwing terrorism’.

Immediately, someone will mention Tommy Robinson. What widespread violence did he actually instigate? And back in EDL days, what catalyst was present at those marches? How did the left know to go along there?

Martin Selner, high on the public enemy list. Generation Identity – what was he in court for? He and followers climbed a building … for what? To chisel the glass and cause damage? They put up a banner about immigration. They said hurty things.  They told the truth.

I’m quite sure that if there’s anyone neutral still out there, they can see where this whole thing is.

Yet wholesale solutions are starting to be proposed by otherwise peaceful people:


We all need to step back and see who is provoking all this, who are the ones behind it and why are they untouchable?