Agents of the deep state [propaganda arm], doubling as street thugs

Teacher (n) A starry-eyed person out of propaganda school, employed by deep state place women (and pussified men) to lead children into ideological falsehoods and errors of fact, also perverting the values and sense of whom the children are, whilst radicalising them into wild goose chases on the street, encouraging violence against any who dare oppose the Narrative.

Highly dangerous people, these ‘teachers’ crystallise into nothing less than monsters and then become professors and head teachers.

This is Melissa Click:

It’s said there’s a song for every occasion:

Professor (n) Cowardly pussified male who reaches that stage of deep-state brainwashing where it’s as nothing to take a bicycle locking chain and physically assault any on the street who dare oppose his Narrative.


At the point midway through my spell as a professor, I could say that the values being taught young people, who are still impressionable and susceptible to suggestion and direction, were benign and sound, meaning family, hard work, fulfilling potential and other centre-right ideas we grew up with.

A young person is not a snowflake by definition – he or she is his or her family’s and personal character, plus what he or she is then turned into.

The violent snowflakery today is a combination of those things twisted and perverted into what you see. There is a place in hell reserved for those doing this to young person’s minds.

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