1. Why all this ‘strain’?

2. When the realisation hits that they’ve built their edifice on the shifting sand:

3. I for one fully believe every promise of all of em:

4. A or Z listers – no more than sad, lost souls?

5. Le Mesurier:

As a wise man once observed, it is amazing what people can believe when their job depends on it.

The Philip Cross conundrum:

6. Rossa’s mother points out:

7. And lastly for now:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

3 comments for “Friday

  1. Mr Mark Mills
    November 15, 2019 at 11:42

    That Yoda joke is just soooo baaaad.

  2. Chuckles
    November 15, 2019 at 21:29

    Years ago, daughter had a school friend named Tara,who was mortified when she was immediately nicknamed ‘Raboomdeyay’.

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