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Alarming news this week as a leaked report from the independent review into HS2 recommended that the project should go ahead despite soaring costs. The review seems to have taken the approach of accepting the project will go ahead, acknowledging the crippling issues, but simply looking for new ways to justify them.

The chairman of the review, Douglas Oakervee claimed there are no “shovel-ready” alternatives to HS2 despite our own report, The Great British Transport Competition, suggesting several back in May of this year. Indeed one of the judging panel for our report was deputy chairman of the review Lord Berkeley who has been highly critical of Mr Oakervee’s conclusions, calling the report a “whitewash”. He also said he cannot support the findings and that there was reluctance from the review’s chairman and officials to delve more deeply into the true costs of the project.

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After Giscard d’Estaing snubbed Mrs Thatcher on her 1st visit to Strasbourg by refusing to sit next to her & behaving in a way that was “very rude, even patronising,” she got her revenge when he came to Downing St by sitting him opposite enormous portraits of Nelson & Wellington.

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