Monday too

1. Saw this at Julia’s:

Being used to saying that it’s all bollox, in this case, it all seems to be true on both sides:

a. Yes, he was a right prat and that demographic are a pain most of the time, esp. young males of the species, something a flight crew does not need, plus he ignored the safety warnings;

b. He was wearing noise cutting phones and would not have heard;

c. The stewardess got stuck into him, that’s true;

d. He’s right that she picked on that demographic, because they’re the pains in the A;

e. They really did overreact with the police etc. Most surprising it was a black or Muslim, protected species, along with the left.

2. This shortage of drugs rubbish [engineered scarcity to keep people in line]:

a. Get em on drugs;

b. Have a shortage due to Brexit, the Russians, not doing as told by pollies etc.

c. Introduce rationing.

3. This is a low level gripe, one which has had my peers apoplectic for a long time but it’s taken me a while to catch up.

It’s this – I’m getting thoroughly tired of the wrongful portrayal of men in advertising – there are a few in particular.

First is a stupid Turkish tourism ad and there are two women, both acting totally smug and looking as lovely as cosmetics and grooming can make them. They are both tall. One shows a photo on the camera to the other, smug grin on her face – she has it all at her fingertips.

OK, it’s an ad, it’s contrived, it’s an actress … but it’s more.  Next scene, she does some stupid act like lowering the camera to the water and some people in the distance obey and dive down.

Turns out that’s meant to be her family – kids front and square dolphining along over the ancient Turkish archaeological ruins the tourism board is too stupid to see is the Muslim’s fault anyway and there, over to one side, is a balding guy – presumably the father of the family but you’d never know, he’s irrelevant.

Another observation is that the strong, empowered woman is always a tall, horsey blonde now. The other tall young woman used was dark-haired – therefore she doesn’t count as an empowered woman, she was the subordinate one.

All right, moving on – there’s a Lotto ad of some kind and some woman – again a tall, horsey young blonde, is gesticulating about having won and how she’d thrown her phone at ‘him’ or the bed or whatever.

In the occasional glimpse of ‘him’, he’s a short, squat guy, happy playing second fiddle, non-threatening smile, a beta male.  It’s fine in the sense that many hubbies play the quiet role and let her lead because it’s better for family peace but that’s not what this ad was about in the least.

Moving on again – some ad set in a forest.  A father is pitching a tent and let’s face it – what’s involved in pitching a small teepee?  Done in minutes.

Oh no, in this case, it’s all Clouseau and son gazes on, watching his father make a right hash of it.  That is character assassination, that is nasty.  That is Woke, Antifa, effing Left! I just saw that it was Land Rover.

And I boycott every one of the bstds who try this on.

Another is the ad which requires a happy couple – always a black male and white woman.  Why?  How many of those are there across the land?  Where’s the tall, alpha male and the gorgeous woman looking lovingly at him?

Go to the Wail and there’s a piece on James Bond.  Guess what?  JB is now Woke and not in the least misogynist, it’s the four women – two black, two white of course – who save the day and ‘drive the narrative’ we’re told.  Drive the Narrative is right.

And the interesting thing to me is that the major criticisms have come from women – good women but still women.  Women are running everything these days, including running our defence. Can a man no longer speak for himself?  Stand up instead of cowering like some sleekit timorous beastie?

What the hell are men actually doing?

I know I’m the last one to speak on this as I’ve not exactly embraced MGTOW over the past few years but … how much of this rubbish will go on for how long?

I say again that I have what seems like good female friendships, some of those through the years have been special and I can say that though I most certainly annoy people, they still want a man who’ll at least act like one.

So what the hell is all this advertising rubbish?  Who is it appealing to?  Women?  Women I know aren’t impressed. Pussified males?  Maybe.  Maybe no target demographic at all – like Chick-fil-A, they’re simply not going to be approved by licencing authorities if they don’t go Woke.

it will only stop once the public stops it by voting through their credit cards.

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  1. ivan
    November 19, 2019 at 20:27

    I think we are seeing the truth of the old saying…”Hard times create strong men strong men create good times good times create weak men and weak men create hard times”.

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