Nobility versus degeneracy

In my younger days, there was a way in which my parents’ generation – family, friends – acted and spoke which did set them apart from the upcoming boomer kids, us, and they could be described as ‘decent’ for want of a better word.

Not really religious except for Christenings, weddings and funerals but the presence of the OT and NT precepts was always there in the background – it set mores and morality without overtly preaching fire and brimstone, it permeated TV programmes, however falsely, looking back now.

Mind you, we didn’t really know – there was very much a veneer of this ‘decency’ in many and the young did not want to think for a moment of their parents getting it off … though they must have done I suppose. It was for us to snigger at, not for our parents.

These were the days of Harper Valley PTA, only our version of it here:

While that hypocrisy no doubt abounded [I’d not a clue, I was off with my mates on our bicycles] the olds generally stayed married, there were no Muslims and blacks in our street, there was a new Indian shopkeeper perhaps.

There was another popular song of the time which pushed it a bit more, once it was accepted that Jeannie C Riley’s skirts and ‘man-ising’ were fine and to knock it was wowserising hypocrisy:

No one I knew got overly het-up over that song but looking back, that’s where it started down that road and Cher reinforced it:

All sorts of songs came out, such as Multiplication, Birds and Bees, Itsy Bitsy and everything was fun and just a little bit naughty. How would any kid from the time ever imagine it would eventually lead to kids being entertained in school by drag queens and taught about sex and drugs and how to go about it at ages 5 to 9?  Paedo paradise.

As far as we knew, Woodstock was a mega-festival with great music from Santana, CCR, Joe Cocker and so it went on – popular music icons – but listen to John Phillips’s daughter and various sources I’ve collated in posts here and he was the highest profile one pushing the drug scene at Woodstock for Big Pharma.  Who was he?  One quarter of the Mamas and the Papas – both Michelle Phillips and Mama Cass were drug pushers such as the ones Steppenwolf sang of.

Plus John Phillips raped his pre-pubescent daughter over and over – she’s stuck to that story as well, Michelle denies but how can she?  As if it was ever when she was not drug-addled lying about somewhere or out pushing?

Point is that it was a much nastier scene than portrayed although you get some inkling from old footage of the events of those days – yuk, the diseases, the diseases.

In a simplistic good v evil scenario, there’s a type of atonement where someone simply says to himself, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.’ So he either seeks help or adjusts himself or does a Sydney Carton in some final, noble gesture.

Age often helps with this, though not in Corbyn’s or Pelosi’s case. Generally though, the imperatives feel less imperative, the sharp edges smooth out – leaving moral issues aside for one moment, just in the field of sailing, I saw various footage and something became apparent to me immediately.

You see young women, for example, on the stern platforms of boats, dangling their feet over. Not me, no more, never.

Sharks of course.

Surfing? You’d have to be kidding! I think back to the things I once did – and I did take some risks, it’s a wonder we’re still alive. Still taking risks today but thinking about them a bit first now.

There are two processes going on here – the one just described, if not ‘ennobling’, then at least moderating behaviour and becoming more of a rock for those who need it, something mothers used to know about before the new crop of horrendous mothers who seem to have no motherly instincts whatever beyond getting their child to change sex at 5, dressing him in drag etc., leaving the kid unattended and going out to party.

The other group who wake up, who are part of the ‘slowly ennobling’ are the genuinely woke, e.g. readers of this blog – often sinful and ginful but with a functioning brain – and what they’ve done is they’ve seen the way things are headed, they’ve sounded the alarm already and have discovered no one’s listening.  Not just not listening but the other side seeks them out for vilification.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as amused as you when Sir Henry at Rawlinson End mutters, as he refills the glass, ‘These are the only spirits I want tormenting my body.’  Or Dave Allen – very funny man. Incidentally, that sinful ginful made it to 71 years of age [still time for me perhaps].

I admire those who can easily use religious language – bless them – and I certainly believe there are things out there that the secularist ‘Science is God’ lot know nothing about, not inside, because they have not bought the ticket but they have heard of such things. We seem to be coming to a time now when they’re going to hear a whole lot more about those things as Denouement Day for those on the Degenerate Pathway approaches, when 1984 truly starts, maybe next year.

Trouble is – they’ll take us down with them.

I look at why Weishaupt’s handlers insisted on writing in ‘religion’ to the list of things to be abolished, ditto from Marx, ditto from any leftist – they go straight for one religion, don’t they, and treat it as they do Donald Trump. It’s been pointed out here that the derivation of left is ‘sinister’.

The two subgroups among the genuinely woke include firstly Christians [real ones, not CINOs] – see this chap for example:

… see Churchmouse:

… and the other, already mentioned, who suddenly wake up and they see the universe as it is.

On the other side, there are also two subgroups in the destructive process.

The more culpable is difficult to find the right epithet for – words like ‘depraved’, ‘dissolute’, ‘degenerate’ are trivialised by comedians who are playing their part in playing down the process, hastening its inevitable conclusion. But the bottom line is they know they are doing wrong, they’re trying to destroy and enslave.

The second are the masses and I’m not sure they ever will be Woke, I really don’t think so, methinks they will desperately self-affirm with false accolades like ‘tolerant’, ‘woke’.  Faced with the disaster they caused, they’ll either step into that river in Egypt or else go to pieces. Or maybe go the whole hog and become the monster the first subgroup wanted them to become – perfect example is Allison Mack.  True monster, no remorse, ditto with Leslie van Houten.

They are never noble, any of these people, you’d not entrust your safety to any of them.  At least there is the capacity for nobility in the sinful ginfuls.

And CINOs?  Headed for the fiery place as surely as any – the current Anti-Pope is a perfect example, rich tele-evangelists, you know who they all are.

Who’s worse – the openly evil like Corbyn or the pretend goody like BRINO Johnson?  The openly evil like Clinton or the pretend goody like McConnell?

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