On the rocks

First the footage:

Then one comment:

Forget “We need a bigger boat!” – You need a bigger anchor. Twice as big from the looks of that one on the bow. I’m assuming there were two, and that the other one is out and dragged.

Truth is that whatever sailing craft sellers recommend or online charts do, you need a bigger anchor … and a good one too.

For my sized boat, I need a recommended 16kg anchor, with 12mm rode and 8mm chain for normal conditions.


The rule of thumb is 1/8″ of rope diameter for every 9′ of boat length.


There are 3 main sizes in anchor chain: 1/4 inch for smaller inshore boats, 5/16 inch for mid-size boats, and 3/8 inch for larger offshore boats. The standard rule of thumb is 1 foot of chain per foot of boat.

I was looking at 25 metres chain, 75 metres rode. I don’t like all chain because of the complications on deck and the sheer weight on a relatively light boat’s bow, also storing in the locker.

This is what I came up with:



£470 VAT incl.



£ 220.08 VAT incl.

Rode or warp


£ 237.60 VAT incl.



£10 VAT incl. plus £16.50 for splicing and anti-chafe tube.

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  1. Mark Matis
    November 14, 2019 at 02:12

    I believe this chain is slightly larger than 3/8″:



    • November 14, 2019 at 05:40

      I hear a woman’s high pitched voice in there, what’s she doing on that deck?

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