1. Tweeter Badassday obviously thinks of himself that way and has a young filly with him he married but he suffers from that oft-age-related disease beneath the badassery:

Thought that curious in one projecting a certain image. Just possibly he cares for her and wants to protect her, though I bet she’s more than capable. Still, as we age, we do get a bit more decent, methinks, unless your name is Corbyn.

2. What real tosspots or to be more chairtable, what deluded fools … or to be even more charitable … isn’t it sad how people are sucked in, always have been:

What can be done? The MSM is the Main Game, how to take it over?

3. Trying desperately not to laugh, it’s no laughing matter:

4. Preparing for retirement:

5. More of the same – bureaucrats at work:

… and:

6. The peak of AI achievement:

A commenter writes:

I have over six millions miles, not kms, under my belt. I will not now or ever trust any thing that takes control from a driver on the highway. I was in NS last month and my bro in law showed me just how well his new suv braked while following a car leaving the highway. The car leaving braked hard, so did his car all by itself. My first thought was not isn’t that great but what the hell would have happened on an ice covered road. There really is no where to go here. Die if you must, just don’t take me with you.

7. Omnivores Anonymous:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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  1. JohnM de France
    November 9, 2019 at 12:25

    1) Our local supermarket was playing a CD like that. I asked the manager if he understood the words – he did not. When I translated them for him he just shrugged his shoulders.
    3) I really did laugh out loud with this photo-shop. Superb.
    6) My thought exactly.

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