AK Haart:

It’s difficult for them. They could hardly point out that some people might see Harry as a woke wuss – at least not on air. They couldn’t even tone it down a little and suggest that Harry is showing himself to be a politically correct plonker under the thumb of a ghastly wife.


Figures of Speech:

The current election campaign has kicked off with flooding (government incompetence). The yearly NHS breakdown is coming along nicely, with miserable patients groaning their miserable lives away in hospital corridors for hours on end (government incompetence). Blizzards are just around the corner and there will not be enough grit (government incompetence).

And so on.

D for Doom:

[Meritocracy?] I’m not convinced. In most areas of life it seems to me that there are other qualities that are at least as important as being among the best and the brightest. It’s nice to have bureaucrats who are honest. It’s desirable to have immigrants who are prepared to show some kind of loyalty to their adopted homes. It’s a good thing to have a society in which broadly speaking those who hold positions of power and influence are more concerned with the good of society than with their own wealth and personal advancement.

How about an honest, loyal, competent PM?  Too much to ask?

Eaton Rapids Joe:

What is the difference between a JW and a SJW?

The JW knocks on your front door and leaves literature.

The SJW files a lawsuit in the Ninth District Court demanding that you remove your front door and serves you with subpoenas.


Mark Wadsworth:

Food production was the cornerstone of any empire until modern times, because if a few people can grow enough food for everybody, it frees up labour for empire-building (soldiers, administrators etc). Their downfall was usually a fall in food production in the areas they ruled over.



I have said it before but there is little to write about these days.

One day follows another and each is much the same – I am either looking after Herself or sleeping. Occasionally I drop down to the village but that is the peak of my excitement.

It crossed my mind this morning that it would have been a lot better if I had started this site nearly fifty years ago.

Dem’s the breaks.

Simon Cooke:

So we have a rootless, childless, kidult population flitting around the big city doing achingly exciting jobs in tech or politics or law and pretending that this is the good life, far better than suburbia’s boring, plain and predictable world. We will soon reach a point of confrontation between suburbia and the big city as those suburbs realise they have political power and can challenge the anti-car, anti-family agenda of the urban snobs.

Delights of city life.