1. The new illiterati:

2. Question of time:


3. Two workplace articles if you’re into that:



4. The art of the predictable:


To be fair, they do actually produce something.

5. For those who like this group, here’s the group they like.

Meanwhile, a novelty act to take us out:


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  1. bruce charlton
    November 19, 2019 at 12:56

    The thing is, things are much worse – more ‘converged’ than people realise; because all the time, all organisations are moving towards the Godless-Left-totalitarian agenda.

    This includes all charities of any size, all self-identified Christian churches and other organisations.

    For example the Salvation Army “The Salvation Army is standing with over 130 organisations to call for climate action for the sake of all the things that matter most.” https://www.salvationarmy.org.uk/id/climate-change

    “Things that matter most”… from a Christian denomination! Whatever happened to ‘Not of this world’.

    My point is that when everybody does it, and everybody thinks it is A Good Thing – it is too late to reform; including too late to stop by boycotting or other directed transfers of wealth – because all organisations are on the same slope and all are sliding.

    The most we can do (even in theory, albeit probably not in practice) is to transfer resources from faster-sliding to slower-sliding institutions.

    (Much like voting in elections, we can only vote for those on the card. When politics is corrupt, we can only vote for more, or less, corrupt politicians.)

    When it is too late for reform, there will be no reform. To stop entails destruction, one way or another. Since the current trends are unsustainable, they will not be sustained – hence destruction.

    Most likely, societal destruction can’t be avoided, only delayed – and all delay increases the minimum amount of destruction (by allowing more time for the greater accumpulation of problems).

    But this world is ephemeral, while our souls are eternal. That’s the clue to what to do…

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