Weekend post [1]

10. Had to do something on Clive, did we not?

9.  This is an ‘awwwww’ one:

8. Another where you might not be able to access it:

7.  The significant thing about this below is not how brazen it is but that it was posted by a lady.  I checked her account and she really is a female as far as I can tell.  If she is, then … um … wow:

What’s a man she fancies to do? Well of course he’d ensure that she has the mod cons, he’d do half the work of his own volition, would take her out to eat and even cook for her.  Whole point is – if it’s not demanded, not expected, then it’s freely given.  That’s how this whole thing works.

6.  Odd one out ?

Question 1. If you cut 20,000 police officers then employ 20,000 police officers how many more police do you have?

Question 2. If you promise to build 200,000 homes under the affordable housing scheme then don’t build any how many have you built?

Question 3. If you say you’re building 40 new hospitals, but only really have funding to renovate 6 existing hospitals how many new hospitals are you really building?

Question. 4 .common name for the Japanese Mitsubishi A6M3 model 22 WWII fighter plane?

Although the answer is zero to all 4 questions the odd one out is the plane itself because the japs actually built 10,939 of those .

5. Clinton crime family:

4.  Cyrus ruined, ruins girls around the world in turn:

3.  Droning on and on:

2.  NHS:

1.  Not so fond memories:

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