Weekend post [3]

30. This sums up the direction things are going:

https://bustednuckles.com/2019/11/29/you-knew-it-was-coming-2/ One part of society hellbent on some apocalyptic dystopia, the rest of us first angry, then dazed and helpless. As planned.

29. Same thing again – incompetence and bureaucratic laws combined:


We’ve written many times about the right to repair and how various companies have basically destroyed the concept of ownership by putting all sorts of post-purchase restrictions on what you can do with the products you supposedly “bought.” This began with copyright, but has morphed into other areas as well, including abusive and illegal claims  about “warranty void if removed.” I still believe that excessive copyright law is to blame for all of this, as physical goods manufacturers looked at the post-sale restrictions enabled by copyright law and immediately began to think of ways to use that on physical items.

28. Andy’s snake:

27. Probably nothing but some screaming and gibbering might help: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7738287/Four-PLAGUE-cases-China-prompt-government-stop-search-traffic.html Life among the buboes.

26. Don’t worry, chaps, there’s none of the gruesome part, just a near-30 lady contemplating it for the first time. Methought it might still be of interest and as for the ladies who’ve already been through all that, well they might reflect on those days, maybe not. https://youtu.be/yMFVnojFf3Y Some of the comments on the lady’s video were interesting.

25.  Right on, Z Man, H/T Chuckles]:

Something similar seems to be true with televised sports. Once you take a break from watching these shows, the warts become obvious. Last weekend I could not help but notice the volume of commercials in these broadcasts. I was working on something and every time I looked up to see what was happening in the game, it was a commercial and usually for something alien to me. At some point I looked at some other games and sure enough, they were all in a commercial break. Of course, the commercials are atrocious. This is where you see the propaganda effort behind all of this. Most likely, the typical viewer of college football is a white middle-aged male, living outside the Cloud People zones. That means suburban and exurban. That also means the sort of guy who voted for Trump. Yet, they blast ads featuring race-mixers and homosexuals. The products are things this demo is not buying, like AIDS drugs and cloud services. It’s ruling class porn as advertisement. At some point, I decided to watch until I saw an ad featuring anything resembling normal people doing normal things. I gave up after about thirty minutes.

I’ve seen many friends and colleagues of late groaning about things like the demographics of couples in ads and how unrepresentative they are, the falsehood of it all, the bad acting too, it’s depressing.

The currently worst-acted ad, IMHO, is that Turkish tourist ad where one narcissist asks, with a silly expression, ‘How was Turkey?’

The other then flashes the smartphone with the footage and we’re taken through the wonders of Turkey through the self-indulgent eyes of a me-me-me narcissist. At the end, dark-hair supplies, ‘Wow?’ and the blonde has a seizure on the spot. It’s really not good..

24.  Saturday evening – you going out?  You’ll probably need this: 23.  Join the AI department: https://scottlocklin.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/nano-nonsense-25-years-of-charlatanry/ 22. A Joe Trilogy: https://eatonrapidsjoe.blogspot.com/2019/11/fake-news-friday-black-friday-to-be.html https://eatonrapidsjoe.blogspot.com/2019/11/safe-words.html https://eatonrapidsjoe.blogspot.com/2019/11/an-exercise-in-anthropology.html 21.  Titania on gender: [H/T Chuckles, haiku and named contributors]

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