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Trump is facing an uphill battle over there against seemingly suicidal Republicans who run for office on a Trump ticket, or are at least endorsed by him … then they promptly turn round and betray him.

It’s easy to say the Donald has been naive but methinks the cancer is far worse – those in positions of representing various candidates to him assured him Kemp was sound, he got in and is now doing the dirt on Trump.

At critical moments, they fail him, which is in line with the previous post about what people do. And this line in the report about populist VERSUS conservative – what’s all that about? Populist IS conservative but I notice various US pundits using the word as a pejorative.

What they’re referring to is not conservatives – Romney is certainly not – but RINOs, swamp dwellers, globalists.

Higgs Boson just tweeted this on our own ‘news’:

Nisha Kumar booed off stage – Another unfunny @BBC so-called “comedian”. They’re ALL leftie, Brexit denying, Trump hating, Tory bashing, open borders advocating, PC obsessed, islam appeasing, Corbyn worshipping clones of one another. Utterly pathetic mummies boys (and girls).

As for the Tories, that excrescence of a WA is NOT Brexit, the lily-livered Brexiteers caved, Johnson is pushing a lie.

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