This one is not entirely to the point of this post but is noteworthy all the same:

Ace has up one of his extraordinary satisfying rants, the type that give you hope for the defeat of all morons everywhere. His beef is with men who spend an inordinate amount of time on social media talking about stuff. What sort of stuff? Well, whether they like to eat kale, or the fact that they just purchased a brand new amazing coffee machine thingy today and it makes like the best coffee ever!

I’ve complained about this a lot, but Twitter is the most estrogenizing toxin known to man, or to half-man shmans as you see on the internet.

Fair enough but this next one cuts closer to the bone:

While these partisan groups are generally “echo chambers” where everyone largely agrees, groups focused on local areas tend to have more of a mix of voices giving rise to lively debates.

Afraid I agree with Chuckles here when he observes about the above: “Still haven’t learnt that social media is irrelevant.” He quotes: “While these partisan groups are generally “echo chambers” where everyone largely agrees” and adds: “That is not a useful def.of an “echo-chamber” since it only becomes a problem when the beliefs on which they all agree are erroneous or untrue.”

Bitter pill for bloggers and tweeters such as myself to comprehend but sadly, it’s so.  By and large, people’s reality is the BBC, Ch4, Sky, Metro, the Wail, talkback radio in the car or in the medical waiting room. Control those and you control the people.

This addresses another bizarre thought about influence:

How Left-wing journalism failed

N.O. and OoL?  We like to think we cater for the discerning thinker, that’s our “thing” but what is the percentage of the voting population reached and after that … influenced?