Long weekend [2]

14. Don’t know if you’ve been keeping an eye on developments across the pond but the Barr Report comes out Monday and Pelosi is scheduling the Impeachment for the same time. If Dem behaviour does not see a Trump landslide, then something is very wrong.

There is unease with Barr all the same. Some pundits over there fear his targets are minor players, not the big names, that the punishments will be nothing like meted out to Stone and Corsi. That it will be a damp squib.

What is the Donald actually doing in all this, besides tweeting how offended he is? Time will tell.

13. Saw something interesting:

Churchill’s Health Secretary Sir Henry Willink was the first to propose a National Health Service. Later, all parties stood in the 1945 election promising to deliver universal healthcare.

What we have, Laze and Gem, on Dec 12, is being caught between a rock and a hard place.  Boris clearly lying and pushing a Remain hotch-potch which is the worst of all possible solutions, the predator EU having zero intention of conceding anything – army, fishing, agriculture – Labour deliberately unelectable, except to their tribal rump, Nigel having tactically blown it, the rest nowhere.

The interview with Neil may have damaged Nigel further with his comments about quislings.  Damaged me too but who cares?  It’s true.  Boris damaged by being scared of Neil exposing him – powerful interests here.  Neil is the best damned interviewer going.  Nigel possibly came out best.

Comes down to our own constituencies.  Course clear in mine, walk in and out in seconds.  Methinks Boris will do not well north of Watford Gap, though he’ll take key Labour seats, TBP will get no seats, many honourable seconds, should have highlighted policies on the site.

12. Appeals to the senses:

11. Quislings:

Over at OoL

10. The medical racket, brought to you by the “wellness” racket:



What concerned me in that video cascaded. First was her manner, then the clinical blue uniform, neither proof of any kind but as it went on, she started rattling off things to avoid, which was all right until I looked below for the link to the complete list, in the way, for example, that the NHS does online.

I’m not endorsing the NHS or Web MD, another online tool, but they are up front with the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, which for me is a start, it at least gives talking points.

Not with Dr. Wellness. She gave a sample in the video; to get any more, you go to the page and sign up with your details.

No thanks.

9. The law of exceptions holds that for every generalised statement made, the other side will immediately quote exceptions and call the pundit racist, sexist or -phobic.

None of which negates those statements, based on incidences and patterns, duly recorded.

So, were I to say that leftwing women are essentially stupid, quite possibly a bad hygiene risk and can be quite dangerous when given any power at all, that is not to say that there are not bad men, globalist and even populist, ditto with conservative women, although the odds are that CW will be family oriented, nurturing types.

In other words, less likely to make bad man choices, less likely to take him to the cleaners, less likely to turn the child tranny or gay, less likely to abort unless it’s her mortality involved.

Rule of thumb, always some exceptions.

Then there are these cows:


The people I feel sorriest for are women who actually do have a talent, earned their PhD the hard way, are primarily home-based or part-time. Similarly, the migrants who came in the right way, paid their dues, worked hard – they get tarred with the same brush as the feckless and violent, the nutters.

We know all that. To me, stupidity is not not being able to solve this maths problem or read that endless prose, but rather that they make bad choices as a matter of course, e.g. adopt the Narrative and go all Alyssa Milano. No integrity, no reasoning power, whilst convinced they’re the intelligentsia, deliberately employing esoteric, unintelligible language.

And you really can see them coming – look at those two in the clip in the linked article. While most are the disloyal Hanoi Jane type useful idiots, some are a different type – quite evil in fact. I was thinking whom to cast in the role of Shaitana in Agatha Christie’s Cards on the Table – seems to me that Kamala Harris would fit the bill perfectly. She really does seem evil in every way.

Which does make the job of getting society back to sanity doubly difficult, particularly because if these women are in the home. It’s one thing ridding ourselves of Blair, Mandelson, Obama and the worst paedos, it’s so much more difficult when the female is also into it.

8. Health report:

Was onto the medical centre this morning, it does seem this thing will go on till Saturday/Sunday and not good today, despite laboured blog posting. About to catch some sleep I hope. It is flu, not a cold this second time, fever hovering in the background – liquid, vitamin C, sleep indicated.

What generally happens is that it goes full bore, then suddenly dies away, it’s not gradual. Heart is not liking it but is basically ok. Just a question of the long wait until the bad little bodies tire of their game.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku for material and thoughts 2-7]