Long weekend [3]

21.  We leave it to you to predict the consequences of this:


Behind a city that has grown with the times, sits a remarkable system of handle-pulls, audible clicks and banks of early 20th century electrical technology – all housed in three castle-like downtown towers. Combined, it has constantly shepherded trains in and out of Canada’s largest city. Designed in the late 1920s, the complicated contraption is about to be retired – though it could have lasted, arguably, a century more.

Ditto with this:


More of the same, epidemic of incompetence and laziness:


“The identified shortcomings in PG&E’s inspection and maintenance of the incident tower were not isolated, but rather indicative of an overall pattern of inadequate inspection and maintenance of PG&E’s transmission facilities,” the report by the commission’s safety and enforcement division found.

Investigators also found that PG&E crews hadn’t climbed the tower that malfunctioned and sparked the Camp Fire since at least 2001, a violation of company policy requiring such inspections on towers that have recurring problems.

20.  I feel sad about this article, not because it is wrong – it’s not, it’s right – but because such enormous damage has been done to women’s reputations across the board by these highly publicised bad women and new laws.

That’s before we even get to the female game now of marrying position and money, becoming impossible, divorcing and taking him to the cleaners.  I do know women who are nothing whatever like that but everything is geared today to making women obnoxious, playing on their weak points and highlighting them. Men are what they are – good, bad – but women are the new commodity and as such, are under far more scrutiny … and the ones in the public eye are found wanting.

It’s a similar thing with Christians.  Those bakers were good people, ground level Christians, so different to the pointy-hatters, the paedo priests and the tele-evangelists in suits.  I do know some of the former and they really are goodhearted people.

The logical next question is – why not extend that to Muslims?  I can say I almost married a couple [different times, one only at a time, never mind] and know one over here who is  lovely person.  Trouble is the murderous cult handbook and we see the result on the streets, just as we see the unfortunate twisting of Christianity by bad people in pointy hats.

Back to wimmin:


Is there anything more calculated to get men’s hackles up than that? You’re well aware that I’m vehemently opposed to anything which results in men and women dividing and there are people hellbent on creating war between men and women.

19.  Put these two together and you have someone to be watched – beautiful faced chancer who turns evil:

18.  This is such an important tweet to post and yet tech issues get in the way.  Those who do not tweet and refuse to – kudos and all power to you, you get no argument from me. I’m forced to by the very nature of my being online, I must access that material.

Now, in the case of this below, the reader loses all sense of what it’s about unless he/she can listen – it is the speech which is the issue in this one.  Even if I describe it, it loses power, though the intelligent can guess. Essentially, they’re all saying the same thing – this is deep state in a nutshell.  so false, so talking head, so evil.

17. US thinking on styling I find interesting, esp. in comments below:

#  I looked at ’70s cars as “just cars” when they were new. Exciting when new, but the novelty wore off after a while. Now as we head towards 2020, I embrace the 70’s cars more now than ever.

#  Went from a sports coupe to a damned sled.

#  The 351 Cleveland was nice. The 429 was hard to beat on the high performance racing end.

#  1st gen was nicer looking than its porky successors. Had Mercury differentiated all its cars from the Ford offerings as well as it did Cougar / Mustang, it might still be in business. Like GM, Mercuries were mostly all gussied up Fords and the ‘gussying’ didn’t always result in a better looking car. Yes, early 1st gen was a great looking car.

#  I like the first 2 generations. They had a unique and distinctive style with luxury.

#  I like the 1967-68 Mercury Cougar models better. The 1971-73 Cougar model edition looked similar to the Gran Torino. Especially, the front grill.

#  [5:20] the main reason for the lower hp-rating is lovered compression. The 351W went from 10.5-1 to 7.8-1 compression during these years.

#  I guess 2-door RWD cars aren’t profitable anymore. I’ve been waiting for someone to make one that actually looks good but car styling is so disgusting today and only seems to be getting worse. I can’t stand the current trend of un-needed electronics being the focus of cars today. I don’t need an info-tainment center or a big screen to play with.

I miss the Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs too, esp. that one with the squared off, vertical end of the roofline.

16. Good article at Breitbart:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is using the same partisan power tactics to jam impeachment through the House of Representatives in 2019 that she used to pass Obamacare on a straight party line vote in March 2010.

“For the first time in U.S. history, a huge piece of legislation has passed with only one party’s votes,” Jamie Weinman wrote at Macleans on March 21, 2010.

All the big initiatives of Lyndon Johnson’s Presidency, like civil rights and Medicare, passed with votes from both parties. This bill, on the other hand, received not a single Republican vote in either house,” Weinman added.

Eight months after she achieved that controversial 2010 legislative victory, the Democrats lost their majority in the House by a wide margin, as Republicans picked up a net gain of 63 seats in the November 2010 mid-term elections.

An academic analysis found that at least 13 of those 63 Democrat losses were due to that single vote in favor of Obamacare in 2011.


15. At the computer first time in days [not counting the ipad as computer]- it’s far easier with mouse and Apple keyboard.  I literally could not sit here for the past few days for various reasons. Original duration of lurgy seems right, still not out of it but should be emerging on Sunday. At it all again on Monday.

Format – it has advantages, disadvantages. Main disadvantage is for readers with Readers, relying on new posts. With this format, new posts do not show and so it’s either check-in or guess and that does not suit many readers’ reading habits, I can understand that. Also, it involves scrolling down long text, also not able to put up really long posts.  thinking on’t.

Big advantage of this format is I can post as and when, no rigid time slots.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku too]

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  1. Wolfie
    December 7, 2019 at 01:18

    You almost married a couple of Muslims?

    • December 7, 2019 at 05:54

      Two separate countries, moments of madness. I was living in a Republic half Muslim with one, but not orthodox, no pillboxes. Way they dressed in summer would have them honour killed in Britain. That was one.

      The other was quite orthodox and that got precisely nowhere. I’ve had this conversation with my Maker a few times, asking how close I got to damnation. He wasn’t all that impressed, so will have to wait and see.

      Also not impressed was my mate in Russia. He never said the words but it would have been the end. He was appalled, also ex-gf. Then along came a Russian lady, nominally Orthodox.

      Though they do intermarry over there, it’s a non-religious household. Think they’d be considered in apostasy. American ambassador visited to see how they lived alongside.

      I should do a post on the whole thing. I had no issue with marrying a Russian though. My old principal here once said – they count as white but are a bit brutal. Thought that an interesting comment at the time.

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