Long weekend [5]

35. We’ve run a few songs by the Mavericks and they’re certainly no one hit wonders but this below is definitely their definitive definer.

There’s a second live version of that shipboard concert off Florida and it does fill in the gaps, e.g. more of the visiting accordionist, also the brass, more of the wimmin – good, but shaky camera work on that one still make this one the better overall:

Love that keyboardist, this has to be one of the best popular music finales ever – so much variation from such a simple chord base, pure Friday or Saturday evening.  Just in the mood for something bouncy this evening.

Second version is growing on me, see what you think:

Oh dear, sad, the more one delves:


Putting yourself under the control of someone or something that can eat you up is insane. For what?

“We’ve gotten word to him, but I don’t think he will take our calls right now. I think he feels betrayed as addicts do,” says Deakin. “That’s the sad part of addiction.”

“It’s one thing for a musician to get hooked on opiates, but these are middle of the road people,” [says Malo.]

“It’s a huge suburban epidemic,” says Perez.

34.  The rise of the Super-useless:


Everyone was equal. Everyone was super intelligent and super strong and everyone had a bicycle to call their own.

There was only one problem in this Utopian dream. No tradesmen. If your bike broke, nobody knew how to fix it. Everyone had degrees in super-something but nobody had bothered to learn anything practical.

Except one man. Seeing a flat tyre or slipped chain, one man would change out of his Superman costume into overalls and flat cap and appear with his box of spanners.

A world where everyone is classed as Super and nobody can fix a bicycle. Can it happen?  It’s already started. Local garages are closing down because they can’t get apprentice mechanics.

33.  Glitch in the Matrix:


32.  One of the best things about our Chuckles is his sense of the macabre and this is no exception. You had dinner yet?


The Great Smog of 1952 became so thick and dense that by December 7 there was virtually no sunlight and visibility was reduced to five yards in many places. Eventually, all transportation in the region was halted, but not before the smog caused several rail accidents, including a collision between two trains near London Bridge.

The worst effect of the smog, however, was the respiratory distress it caused in humans and animals, including difficulty breathing and the vomiting of phlegm. One of the first noted victims was a prize cow that suffocated on December 5. An unusually high number of people in the area, numbering in the thousands, died in their sleep that weekend.

31. The Avro Lancaster:


30. One of the things lifting me out of the past few days is switching back from coffee to tea and for that tea to be made in a pre-warmed pot, then poured into low-sided cups, not mugs – I don’t know why it works, it just does.

Plus I’m in correspondence with a firm called Dean’s of Huntly just now and the combination is like nectar [photo from BBC Good Food Guide]:

Closer to Crimbo, I’ll be into the mead, the mulled and the mince-pies but I need to know which seem best this year.

Feedback would be appreciated.

29. A little bit of courage is all we lack:

Over at OoL

[H/T Chuckles and haiku too]

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