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29. The failure to see through someone

There’s a theme which has come up of late on the youtube suggestions which I use to get ideas at times – for example, in putting up the mandolin Vivaldi, it latched onto that and suggested a few others, which is handy. I know it’s conceding privacy but viewing habits are not something I’m greatly concerned with protecting.

Anyway, this theme is not about sexual cheating or promiscuity or anything like that but in simply being so starry-eyed that a person does not, cannot see through the other. For a start, there’s my own chequered past but why stop there?  As there’s a lot of Welsh in this, why not go back to the Arthurian romances – to Guinevere and Lancelot.

What does Arthur do?  Leaves a girl who’s a bit thick under the protection of his Adonis-looking N1 warrior whilst he goes off to war.

On youtube, the film for TV was Why Didn’t They Ask Evans [more of that further down] and the two enamoured of each other were James Warwick and Francesca Annis  [in a later series Tommy and Tuppence] who each meet a femme-fatale [Madeleine Smith] or man-fatale [Leigh Lawson] respectively and in Annis’s case especially, lose all reason when assured all is well by the object of admiration.

One commenter noted:

You’d think she wouldn’t have fallen for a similar ruse twice!


When she gets the telegram from Sylvia WHY WHY doesn’t she phone her to be sure it was legit? For a smart girl not so smart. For that matter, why doesn’t she get suspicious when it’s a cable and not a call?

One lady noted:

Roger [the failing of Annis, Leigh Lawson] was hot as hell!!!! A pitch-perfect portrayal of a smooth-talking psychopath. I would totally have accepted the offer to run away with him. Which is why I’m in therapy…hahaha.

Which reminds me of my long book in which I used the device many times, both partners falling for a ‘pretty’ opposite sex number more than once.

And so we come to this:

The 40-year-old rugby star from Bridgend, south Wales was left ‘devastated’ after his then-wife Debra Leyshon, 41, and his friend and business partner Simon Thomas, 47, fleeced him out of the huge sum.

He had entrusted them with running a gym and freight business he set up to finance his life after rugby, but instead they fraudulently obtained mortgages and loans while pretending the businesses were successful.

The thing which struck me about this, aside from his naivety, was that, unlike Lancelot and Guinevere, nooky did not seem to be part of it – maybe it was part of it and never came out, who knows, but it did not figure in the story in the MSM.

Roger Griffiths, prosecuting, said he used his rugby earnings to buy a property in Pencoed as an investment in 2006, followed by three other properties. He also set up a freight business, which his wife ran.

Mr Griffiths told the court: ‘He realised his playing days were numbered.’

On the surface, it seemed reasonable – still playing rugby, meaning earning money, still had chances at the top level, knew it could not go on forever, had to find someone to deputise with the various ventures. Wife obviously gave him to understand she could run a business, he then found this other smooth-talker who also gave the impression.

I’d say feeding him with what he wished to hear, so that he could concentrate fulltime on the rugby.

It was summer 2016 when Mr Cooper discovered his wife had taken out loans and mortgages without him knowing.

Their family home had been re-mortgaged and the four other properties had been transferred into their joint name and mortgaged.

Mr Griffiths said: ‘He knew nothing about this. He took no part in the application process at all.’

Yet it also says he was at business meetings but was not into the details. Strange. Then they stopped talking to each other, always a fatal move.

Annis left, Smith and Warwick, Smith throwing herself at him

In Francesca’s and James’s case in WDTAE, they certainly talked the whole time but slowly ceased saying anything, they could not accept, would not accept, that their respective muses could do any wrong.

Which nearly got them killed.  As in my long book.  And in the rugby player’s and wife’s case, they lost all.