CCR [those things which still rankle]

Even deciding which of two posts to run Friday and which Saturday was not easy – those posts are CCR: when things were still good and CCR: those things which still rankle.

Things which rankle can be quite serious, but can also be trivial, yet the trivial can rankle more and the major things are par for the course – work that one out. I’ve just got off the phone from next door, can you believe, because I’ve not been out in days, he might even be miffed but he no longer leaves the door open because he has little birds of the feathered variety flying around in there and they fly out of the door. And he only does that because their tweeting was so loud in the cage, they love flying about and annoy no one.

You do your best to keep things on an even keel with people, not being a social creature in the first place, plus the ipad won’t let me paste and the computer table is making more noise than a steamtrain as I type at breakneck speed but things do rankle, they cascade.

Life’s too short.

And that is exactly the situation in this 2015 interview – notes will follow the video itself:

The trivial

What annoyed me straight away, having been in the game at one time and also on the blog – it was the poor camera work on what seems the handheld camera – it’s the one which shakes like a Bourne episode, John Fogerty’s shirt seems lighter, more washed out with that camera, plus there’s a man in view in the background doing all sorts of snotty things – it’s distracting and annoying.

Then I read one comment:

The guy in the back[ground] has got to go.  He’s over JF’s shoulder, wearing headphones: yawning, admiring his own biceps and generally acting disinterested. Get these people out of frame.

Right, and one of the other cameras has another come into frame too – the only good ones seem to be the main presenter himself, plus John Fogerty.

The far more serious

Phew.  Before even getting to it, the record producer who was such a right bastard:

… that’s interesting because Polly, in her last episode posted here mentions one of the creeps who was a record producer for Capitol – was there a rulebook for producers in those days, to be as obnoxious as inhumanly possible?

Having said that, they did sign contracts, they can’t get away from that and they did not really know when to hold em or fold em at that stage.

More relevant to me were the interpersonal issues between older brother and him, the attitude of the other two as well and what they did – now I’m cognisant of the fact that this was his story only and that these guys in that studio were a captive audience – yes, true, but my external reading of it seems pretty much along those lines as well.  What bstds.

Some other comments:

# What kills me about Stu Cook and Doug Clifford is that they were tired of just being a bass player and drummer to songs that John Fogerty wrote and sang. So today they make their living being a bass player and drummer to songs Fogerty wrote and sang…..only now they have a different singer trying to sound like John Fogerty……and they are happy ??? WTF ??? Epic Fail!

# Sometimes lead singers leave bands because their ego gets to them, and they feel they are bigger than the band and the band had little to do with the success. In Fogerty’s case, and this is refreshing to say, he deserved to leave the band and go solo. His guitar, voice, and song writing were beyond key to the band’s success. Getting sued after going solo for sounding too much like himself, was absurd, and demonstrated that he was better off without them. Good for him.

I was trying to think like John Fogerty on this, and then see it through their eyes and yes, it really would rankle with me from both sides but there was another aspect.

Something these bstds in the band knew full well was their litigious manager – and they left JF twisting in the wind, then came back years later, cashing in on what was largely his work.

Now that goes way beyond resentment.  I’m also thinking of Susanna Hoffs in that context who was the prime mover in The Bangles and yet they got all miffed because we all liked her, not them. Trouble is, Susie started believing her own publicity too and it took years for them to get back together. Unlike so many, I do not like Michael Steele in the least, but that’s another story.

Now, a friend of mine would say trust in the Lord, don’t let the sun go down on your wrath and so on and she’d be right. We do need to let it go and there are so many cases where it ate the person up. In JF’s case, he met his wife and she brought him out of it.

One of the songs Jon Fogerty did win back was Sweet Hitchhiker:

Someone wrote that it was their last good CCR song but i quite like just a few, not many, of his later work as well. He always had that Bad Moon Rising mentality and it comes out in the ‘zombie’ album. This one is ‘Change in the Weather’:

And this is the reason this post should have been Saturday evening, going into Sunday – ‘Sail Away’:

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