Dirk Gently

Dirk Gently, for the non au fait, was one of Douglas Adams’s characters, noted for his expression “the fundamental interconnectedness of all things”.

To make sense in a blogpost in the face of huge swathes of those interconnected things coming at you and not to be overwhelmed by it in a reality matrix is either to be the Dominic Cummings type loony he called for, or else a fed troll or else someone overwhelmed, as Polly seems to have just become.

If she’s a troll, which I do not believe, then she’s a mightily convincing one … and yet why is she still on youtube? Meaning why have they not shut her down? For that matter, why have they not shut this blog down?

What one gets into after some time is a state of total suspicion of everything and anyone, for any reason, which is a nowhere state of affairs.

And yet every day, there’s some new falsehood exposed, some new connection between the Bronfmans, for example, and the Rothschilds, and my mention of those gets picked up by a machine somewhere in Germany or the US.

Everything is false, e.g.


Worse, it’s a game; worse even than that, it’s the Matrix.

Then solutions are offered, the Great Hope, such as in France with the Macron situation:


Except that she is a socialist and one who does not command anywhere near the following in France that the hopeful think she does, meaning that there is no one at all to take on Macron, a weak, spineless person at best and yet such a vicious creature at the same time, funded and controlled to betray his nation.

People look for a Messiah but the messiahs who arise are carefully crafted and controlled – everyone is controlled. Then you get sites of quite confusing loyalty, such as this:

The growing power of the YouTube Right

That “youtube right” includes Polly and includes us at N.O. and we sure don’t see ourselves as some sort of monsters, more the frustrated middle, from upper down to lower, with some working class colleagues. Ed West is part of this Unherd, a very iffy organisation indeed.

Moving on, looking at random at one of Polly’s videos, it’s the pattern of interconnections again the whole way:

One quite liked by Rossa’s mother is:



And yet I find this:

… which starts to sound very much Spy v Spy to me.  Who knows?  Sounds like some testosterone overclocking young males who would be Billionaire Boys Club, were they not part of the “good” side.

Where am I going with this?  For what to know this sort of thing following? There’s a creep who’s part of Soy Boy’s gang:

… and working for that man is this boy:

… who is the son of some Canadian high-up:

… and it’s all getting a bit OTT for me and no doubt for you.  As Polly says in the youtube at the end of the link at the top of this post, we too are playing the game, inadvertently, which might explain why we are allowed to continue.

So do we stop?  I think no, what we do is not overload readers but is that not censorship?  Yes, so we have to just provide the links but then you get a blog on steroids, such as N.O., which is just trying to keep up with as much as poss.  Plus people like dovetailing journo pieces, saves them ferreting or thinking or maybe they think they can’t, which is tosh – if I can, anyone can. Or else they just don’t have the time.  Or they’re prejudiced against my religion, which is only the trad culture I grew up in and was never weaned off.

Any good coming from it?  I’d say yes – I’d say the reader hones his skills over the journey, his BS detectors, he or she learns to look at info with a jaundiced eye and over time, some people ring true, some do not.  It very much comes down to who’s bringing it but even the skilled, like Polly, can be fooled for some time.

I’ve noticed with many of these people who do the ferreting, not all, that there is an unstated Christian origin somewhere beneath it – it’s uncanny how many, esp. in the States, not so much the godless UK, tend to be aligned with that mindset, that faith. For me, it’s not hard to work out – if one believes in fundamental truths set in rock, e.g. sanctified marriage and family, then rationalist ferreters tend to be their travelling companions for the nonce.

And “nonce” here means for the time being, the traditional meaning, not the hijacked.

I’ll stop here for now, domestic duties await, to go on would be overload.

2 comments for “Dirk Gently

  1. Mark Matis
    January 18, 2020 at 13:09

    If Britain truly does exit the EU, just how long do you think Macron will last???

    How many pounds does France currently suckle from the British teat each year???

    • January 18, 2020 at 13:34

      It’s a trick question because Johnson has no intention of Brexiting. All theatre. Answer is very quickly the EU will collapse, the nations will probably stand. Minus Macron.

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