English issues

Last evening, I saw a couple of youtubes recommended on the North South divide – not American but English.  It’s not British, as that includes the other home countries and they have their own divides.

Within England though, extremes might be Scouser and Manc versus Sussex, for example.  The Midlands confuses the issue – what do you call those from Peterborough, Derby, Chester, Brummieland?  What of Sheffield?  And I’m not sure, to the south-west, how Devon or Cornwall would like to be designated.  Or Warminster.

Then there’s city v village, village v countryside, what of Sloane Rangers?

Those are the old issues, not particularly tricky post-1800. What is very tricky now is global mass immigration of certain ethnicities and religions, particularly if non-assimilating and simply not able to be assimilated, so culturally different that there’s no point to it.

Laura Towler, working class Yorkshire, the front line of the war so to speak, has a blockage, refusing to see the Islamic issue, only seeing it ethnically. Either way, there’s certainly an issue, to the tune of millions of freeloaders.

If I were asked if there was an issue with Americans living here, I’d like to know first if they were DemRat Woke or normal human, ditto with Australia, NZ, Canada, South African caucasian.

Because that’s now a huge divide, a huge issue. In the States, it shows itself in Californian carpetbaggers descending on Texas, mid-Yankee carpetbaggers descending on Dixie and ruining it. But I digress.

Not one of those NorthSouth England videos was correct, not one. The second worst was two people, one from the midlands and one from the south, trying to characterise the north. Which north, you idiots – north-west, north-east or Northumbria? Cumbria?  Where?

The worst was two birds – an arrogant blonde proud of being southern and she introduced another girl who was supposedly Manc but she now speaks RP. I kid you not but the snooty blonde then really said that her friend was able to change her accent and you can too.

The utter gall, it was by no means tongue-in-cheek, she was quite serious. And the supposed Manc just went along with it. Maybe I’m living in a different north-west but most accents are soft, they’re far stronger in Yorkshire, which is no bad thing, I get to hear Manc and Scouser in near equal proportions and they’re just natural to my ears.  Then again, I never go into Manc City or Liver City, so I miss the knifings, rapes and estuary English with a local kink.  So far.

And even in Yorkshire, your West Riding is quite different to, say, Whitby on the coast – the latter softer and more lyrical.

Leaving accents aside, look at the land issue. It’s just not feasible build on flood plains and the like – Missouri knows all about that across the pond. Some land really must stay rural and wet in these fair isles.

However, frenetic building is going on, and it ain’t for natives. Actually, it may end up being for natives pushed out of towns, while prime real estate is lived upon by the freeloaders.

Of all the issues between people, as distinct from govt invented issues, that of available land and jobs are probably the most critical now.