6. Eat more pig !!!

5.  Home affairs

4.  A very good question

The short answer is yes – there are big things scheduled for 2020 by Them and he is most certainly pushing the provocation so that it explodes:

The overall but not final aim is to weaken the Constitution such that it would require a total review and of course, referendum – the gun issue is but one component of that.

Another is the Muslims and is there anyone more annoying than this little cow?

3.  Interesting coincidence

A MAGA lady on Twitter called Elaine wrote:

We sit in our armchairs speculating on what will happen, helped by pundits & experts…but the truth is we hope, & even believe, but have no idea what will happen. We have never been here & democrats are the dirtiest, evil creatures on earth. Expect nasty!

At the same time, a mate of mine wrote:

Way too early for such things, we have absurd amounts of narrative to endure before any info or indicators stagger into view.

I’m not disputing any of that – on the other hand, there is this:

People are starting to form opinions, the sham ‘impeachment’ is a catalyst, it is time to make sure that truly MAGA people are the candidates, although I agree we should wait for the Senate’s reaction vote, just as over here, we should wait for what Johnson actually does on the 31st.

2. Housekeeping

Now, just in case you feel all this is too NorthAmericacentric, don’t forget firstly – we’re all meant to be asleep at 4 a.m. and North America and Oz are awake, and secondly, nothing’s happening here – there’ll be something on HS2 after your humble blogger gets a bit of sleep.

Meanwhile, Pelosi’s statement on the impeachment sham:

1. Drag racing?

First thought was how on earth could anyone object to a bit of street racing? Not even Springsteen is against that.–566913161.html

Then it hit me – they were using the wrong vehicles!

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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  1. Distant Relative
    January 17, 2020 at 15:15

    Bosses at YouPorn – a video sharing platform for adult movies – said former Suits star Meghan would make the perfect Director of Special Initiatives.

    Company chiefs believe the Duchess, 38, would be a good fit for the role because she can find “creative solutions” even “in the face of outdated policies and ways of thinking”.

    Source Daily Star and Metro

    Stop laughing at the back.

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