Genuine female issues

First, some data – see the 25:30 mark onwards here:

Lara Logan speaks of her rape in Egypt, in some detail:

OAN’s Liz Wheeler did not go to the Women’s march, she says why:

All right, what comes out of all that? Both those girls at the top did not travel alone in India and Malaysia, they were with other girls but both had experiences, not as bad as Lara Logan’s.

Many males would say they’re bellyaching, that all women want to attract attention as some sort of affirmation and they can’t get to decide whose they get.

I do not subscribe to that. Obviously, they want attention from other women, plus “the right sort” of men, the eligible.  But what if they take reasonable measures, short of wearing sackcloth?

When we were in the hills of Cyprus, my gf was asked to dress before going into a church, she was miffed, I thought – their gaff, their rules. One of these girls in the video above covered her entire head and still the men were gawking lasciviously. Muslims are known-knowns, Hindus are almost as bad. Any man gawks at a pretty girl to an extent.

Now look at it from her point of view – every day outside of your home, if you look like those two, you are going to get propositioned – the shape of the skull, the hair, the motion, the soft voice – this is the cross pretty females bear. I’m not excusing that, it’s going to happen that the gauche and boorish will come onto them.

The tarts in slut suits at the Mail are one thing, they invite it, but what of those who do not seek this sort of attention – how can they escape it? Wear sackcloth?

Unless an Adonis, men don’t get it quite that way – some men get covert looks from all the females but not the whoa eh, bit of all right eh which males go on with.

Those girls need to find some mechanism – not legislation – to stop the [often older, Biden type] come-ons. Truth is though – there is no method, nothing they can do to filter who comes onto them and I don’t buy that it’s always slut suit wearing – it’s just their size, shape and motion, designed to attract a mate and then conceive. They didn’t design their looks.

If you have little sympathy with those girls, then let’s get to Lara Logan.  She says she was sodomised, it was NOT just groping as the NYT and others reported.  It was rape before the crew got her away. Not just attempted. Either way, not nice.

Even my post was unsympathetic at the time – that she thought she could just go in with that sort of animal and hope to escape that treatment.  I stick with that post but now I’m thinking she has a point in this clip above.

She admits that her reporter type doesn’t think of her woke mindset as Woke, it’s just what everyone thinks in her peer group.  And we are cast as haters, devils, for calling out the Woke.

Much, much later, through bitter experience, all three ladies see that Woke is wrong, it’s destructive, it is full of lies.

Which brings us back to Liz Wheeler and why she did not go to the Women’s March – you can guess why of course.  And now some heresy from me – I can actually understand what some of those “women” are going on about, when it touches on the issues raised above in this post, the issues those ladies brought up.  I’ll listen to these three because they’re not feminazis, they’re not laying it on me, they’re responding to questions.

The damage done by the feminazi movement is incalculable – see Liz Wheeler again about that.  It is causing severe damage to the female and while it endangers all women, it ignores real abuses and difficulties.  It’s just become Me Me Me.

But the real abuses, e.g. Rotherham, e.g. Logan’s rape – are swept under the carpet, kept hidden.  And that is so wrong.  I would like boorish men to stop it and I’d like demi-men feminazis to also stop it.  Not much chance though.

As for known rapist cultures – they just have to go, leave these shores.

4 comments for “Genuine female issues

  1. dearieme
    January 21, 2020 at 15:00

    Lee did great harm to his country (Virginia) and its allies by being a good general. If he’d been a dud and lost the war cheaply and quickly it would probably have been better for all concerned.

    • Mark Matis
      January 21, 2020 at 19:22

      On the other hand, if John Wilkes Booth had done it earlier, the world would have been far better off!

  2. Chuckles
    January 21, 2020 at 16:15

    ‘Something should be done?’

  3. January 21, 2020 at 17:56

    Redesign the female to look more Dalek?

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