Getting much of it right

It’s not just Americans, it’s worldwide:

The answer here lies in understanding how American Progressive’s view society and their role in it. Contrary to popular opinion, the people behind this stuff are not communist, motivated by Karl Marx. They are not controlled by hand-rubbing lizard people living in a secret volcano. They are not triumphant browns. The people pushing this stuff are white people. There are a few Jews and browns tossed in, but the main body of the Left is still white and formerly Protestant.

The white American Progressive has always imagined society as a fully enclosed community, that is judged as a whole. A popular slogan among them is that “society is judged by how it treats it weakest members.” This is an explicit expression of communal judgement, which is the traveling partner of communal salvation. The white Progressive looks at society as an organism that moves forward as a whole. If some parts lag behind, the whole thing slows to a halt.

The Z Man gets it right and wrong here in about equal parts – it’s still commune-ism, whichever way it’s sliced and diced, but not labelled as such.

In a similar way, he gets it right and wrong here:

Contrary to most opinion, a society’s ruling class attains its position by being cleverer and more determined than the rest of society. The first generation to rise to the top of society and establish itself as a ruling class, or at least an important faction of the ruling class, earned their way to the position.

There’s the little question of patronage down through the ages – which manifests itself in those in power conferring power on anything but a rival – just look at Wrong-Daily or Pelosi, low on brawn, low on brains, brainwashed by narrative and that narrative is very much Marxist in policies.

What he gets quite right is that the stock from which the driving force comes is white and formerly Protestant. These are the problem people.

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1 comment for “Getting much of it right

  1. james wilson
    January 25, 2020 at 18:46

    The first progs to arrive in America were the Puritans, and the Puritans were communist before that was a word. They planted collectively, harvested collectively, and starved collectively. That lasted one year at which point the survivors went in another direction, temporarily. Butchuknow, even Karl went in another direction toward the end of his life. It wasn’t a good direction but it was another direction. What remains steady is a certain state of mind, and that state is not Don’t Tread On Me, it’s more like I’m Going To Tread On You, for your own good.

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