Hal the Megh-Slave

You’re not going to make too many friends using highly inflammatory words such as ‘dregs’, and I used ‘vermin’ for Merkel many moons ago but perhaps should have used ‘dregs’ instead.

Thinking about it though, even vermin are just doing what they’re born to do, it’s maybe not a conscious decision on their part, they act in the way they’re cut out to act.  I’m thinking badgers and grey squirrels here.

But in human terms, I’m speaking of the product of any kid coming through this system:

Or the one in Germany [search term Bertelsmann at OoL], equally as sick.

The people writing and publishing that, then the people in schools actually teaching it – there is an expression, is there not – should be shot.

‘Dregs doesn’t cover it, nor does ‘vermin’.  There have to be other expressions – debauched is too mild, scum is getting closer, these days ‘unholy’ does not have the same impact.

How can Allison Mack be characterised, branding girls with branding irons, starving them almost to death?  We have this dilemma parodied by Python of ‘society is to blame’, ‘yes, we’ll be charging them too’ and Allison Mack’s childhood is as bad as Tuesday Weld’s was, so yes – it’s easy to see why it actually happened, but to what extent is Mack culpable and to what extent Raniere and the other sickos?

I’d suggest that that is the prime question here.  There was no doubt of Jesus of Nazareth’s opinion of the Pharisees and Sadducees and the Catholic division of sin into mortal and venal really comes down to intention to do something, knowing it’s unholy … or the other side – failing at one’s resolve, human error.

I’d even say the Muslims are line ball in that they’re fed hate with breakfast from toddlerhood, taught to rape, beat, maim and behead … but does that excuse them?

It’s an easy moral question with the main drivers of something who enthusiastically take it up and gloat over the human misery they cause.  Less easy to decide on is victims turned perps.  Which are Pelosi and Schumer?  Omar and Obama?

Perhaps the divider is the idea of remorse and atonement but what of those who sin during the week with impunity, rock up to confession, get it all out of the system, then go out after the penance and happily do it all over again?

There’s a place in heaven for them?


Let’s come back to that Tom Baker episode of Doctor Who where Marcus Scarman’s brother fails to see that his erstwhile ‘brother’ is brother no more, he’s now one of Them.

Ditto Wills and Harry the Megh-Slave right now.  I see Silly Harry at the Palace or wherever they are.  ‘No, Grandmama, I must obey Meghan, I must obey Meghan!  Destroy!  Destroy!  Kill! Kill!’

What of all those girls lost to the Cult?  Only in this Cult, it’s the global Cult of Destruction, sometimes known as the Left.

Is Megs deluded and brainwashed, is she just the dregs of society or is she the damned?

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2 comments for “Hal the Megh-Slave

  1. The Underdoug
    January 13, 2020 at 15:38

    Megh-Slave made me think of the character (the clip gives an idea of the depravity – definitely NSFW) as opposed to the clip:


    Sorry for any offence – that’s how my mind’s not working at the moment.

    • Andy5759
      January 13, 2020 at 19:41

      True Stories in The Eye had an article from a Californian newspaper. It detailed the second degree burns suffered after someone held a lighter to the opening to entice the gerbil to come out. Methane is very flammable.

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